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Oct 24th
Home Sections Politics Ten Top Reasons Why Grace Poe Will Defeat Jojo Binay in the 2016 Election
Ten Top Reasons Why Grace Poe Will Defeat Jojo Binay in the 2016 Election PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Politics
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Saturday, 21 June 2014 09:20

It Appears that Senator Grace Poe, If She Runs, Has Many Built-in Advantages Over Vice President Binay and Other Traditional-Politician (Trapo) Presidential Aspirants

By Lolo Bobby M. Reyes of Bacon-Sorsogon (Bac-Sor) City and West Covina, CA

H ere are some of the reasons why a lot of Filipino-American pundits thinks that Senator Grace Poe will easily defeat leading-contender and current Vice President Jejomar (Jojo) Binay in the May 2016 presidential election:

1.0  Sympathy Votes. It is public knowledge that Grace Poe's father, Fernando Poe, Jr., should have been proclaimed the winner of the 2004 Philippine presidential election. He was cheated, as documented in the "Hello, Garci" scandal and in the results of the electoral protest by Koko Pimentel, who won his protest for a Senate seat, as the protest was also based on the same vote-rigging manipulations by Gloria M. Arroyo and her national (senatorial) slates in several Mindanao regions. To many Filipino voters, a Grace Poe presidential candidacy will give them an opportunity to make things right, as evidenced by an overwhelming support for the 2013 senatorial bid of Grace Poe, who was the first national candidate to garner more-than 20-million votes. It is pay-back time and deliver the Filipino version of poetic justice.

2.0  "Political Dynasty" Factor. Today, Filipino voters are sick and tired of candidates who belong to political dynasties such as Vice President Jojo Binay, Francis (Chiz) Escudero, Ferdinand (Bong Bong) Marcos, Jr., and other traditional politicians (Trapos). In contrast, Senator Grace Poe is the first in her family and first ex-OFW to win a national elective position. She does not have any close relative who occupies an elective or appointive political position.

3.0  "Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together" Perception. Vice President Binay is mired in the same "Napoles Pork-barrel Scandal," as most of his co-founders in the United Napoles-funded, oops Nationalist Alliance (UNA) have been tainted by the said scandal and corruption cases, as filed in the Sandigan Bayan court. Coupled with this was the much-hated distribution of calamity-relief goods for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Leyte-Samar Region wherein even foreign aid was re-wrapped in bags proclaiming them to be relief goods allegedly coming from Vice President Binay. That reinforced the belief of many voters that Vice President Binay is the most-visible "Trapo" of them all.

4.0  "Multiparty Candidacy." It is possible that Grace Poe can become the official candidate of the ruling Liberal Party and become at the same time the common "guest candidate" for President of several smaller national and regional political parties, which are all motivated in preventing the election of Mr. Binay or Mr. Marcos or other "Trapo" aspirant. Grace Poe can, therefore, lead a "National Reunification Presidential Slate" and present a Cabinet of qualified nominees coming from the political parties that would nominate her and work for her candidacy.

5.0  "Darling of the 'Masa' Voters." With her mother, Susan Roces and her fellow popular movie celebrities leading her campaign, Grace Poe's rallies will attract more ordinary and financially-disadvantaged voters and motivate them to support her candidacy. Who can Mr. Binay present to counteract the attraction of Ms. Poe's mother? Certainly not his family members, who are "Trapo" politicians and members of a political dynasty; the Binay "Trapos" cannot deliver the connection to, and linkages with, the "Masa voters."

6.0 "Youth Factor." Grace Poe, if she decides to run for President, can become the youngest ever to become the Chief Executive and Commander-in-chief of the Philippines. She can become the Filipino version of then-Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack H. Obama, who was a member of the U.S. Senate for only two years before he made his historic run for the U.S. presidency in 2008. Grace Poe represents the Future of Philippine politics while Mr. Binay, et al, are the personifications of the corrupt Past and more-corrupt Present state of governance. The young voters represent a majority of the Filipino voters and many of them are engaged in the social media and, hence, will be more intelligent in their choice for President. The youth demand, and desire, a better future. Grace Poe will be the smart choice and presumed logical favorite of the young (18-to-35 years of age) voters, who understands more the feelings and sentiments of the young voters.

7.0  "Problematic Perception of the 'Trapo' Candidates." Alas, many Absentee Overseas Voters (AOVs) and presumably many of the Filipino voters, identify Jojo Binay, Bong Bong Marcos, et al, as parts of the problems of the country. On the other hand, Grace Poe is seen as part of the solution, as she does not have any political baggage on her part and/or her family and immediate relatives. She will be seen as a rallying and unifying figure and factor for fundamental structural reforms. Grace Poe is not a defender of the status quo as represented by the persons of Mr. Binay, Mr. Marcos and other presidential aspirants.

8.0  "Binayaran Voters." There is a political joke circulating in the U.S.A. that the supporters of Vice President Binay have this slogan: "Kami ay mga Binayaran Lamang" ("We were merely paid for our votes" or "We were simply bought."). Grace Poe will not buy votes and people will appreciate it for no reformer will ever use gold, guns and goons to achieve victory at the polls. After all, she does not have the billions to counteract the "Trapo-version" of suffrage. It is expected that even the "Masa voters" will contribute to the best of their ability to the campaign coffers of a Grace Poe candidacy, as has happened in the 1986 "snap" presidential election when voters supported the "Piso-piso fundraising" for then-candidate Cory C. Aquino..

9.0  "Lack of Experience." Actually just like what happened in the 1986 presidential "snap" election, then-candidate Cory Cojuangco-Aquino successfully deflected the accusation by her opponent that she did not have any experience. How? She said that "she did not have the experience of stealing from the public treasury nor the experience of getting kickbacks from huge governmental projects and contracts." Just like what happened to Mr. Obama. Bill Clinton and even John F. Kennedy and their respective Administrations, Grace Poe can tap the private sector and extremely-qualified Filipinos, Overseas Filipinos and the youth to serve in her Cabinet and in the various agencies of the Philippine government. A President does not work alone but must build a "Dream Team" to govern effectively.

  "The AOV, OFW and Overseas-Filipino Factor." It is expected that the Absentee Overseas voters, the Overseas-Filipino workers and Overseas Filipinos will campaign aggressively for a Grace Poe presidential campaign like no other. For Grace Poe was one of them. She studied and earned her college degree in Boston College and worked and lived for some 10 years in Southern California. Grace Poe is used to the life of an OFW and an Overseas-Filipino "soccer Mom," who commuted to/from work, cooked for her family, did the laundry, house cleaning, etc., etc. She knows American-style politics, where corrupt politicians go to jail, if caught. She knows the meaning of Accountability, Transparency, Integrity and Credibility (ATIC) principles.

        10.1  The 12-million strong Overseas Filipinos and OFWs can deliver more-than 20-million votes as they can influence their kin and friends in the Filipino homeland. It is easy now to contact our Overseas Brethren and kin in the Philippines by social media, the Internet and smart phones. Very few of the AOVs like the "Trapo" candidates.

        10.2  This writer has witnessed throughout the years the attendance and participation of many presidential hopefuls and sitting Presidents in various Filipino-American events in Southern California and in New York. The presence of Senator Grace Poe in the Kalayaan Philippine Independence events this month attracted the most-interest of Filipino Americans. If the Overseas Filipinos will truly help her presidential campaign, they can deliver  the "swing votes" and the human-and-financial resources that can make her the "first-ever ex-OFW and former-Overseas Filipino" to become the President of the Philippines. And hopefully, Grace Poe can one of the best leaders of the country and most-honest Filipino President. # # #

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Last Updated on Monday, 25 August 2014 22:20
Comments (4)
From Sir Rudy Ferran, Knight Commander of Rizal (as posted in the Facebook Timeline of Bobby M. Reyes): Hurry and Hurrah !... SIR BOBY M. REYES, I read your TOP-TEN ADVANTAGES of Sen GRACE POE over or against VP-Jj BINAY, seems you're 1,000% plus correct !..You better start contacting the great lady from Sorsogon , Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis, about your ideas and start cementing the OFWs ALL over the world ?..Your analysis is 99.9% correct...Lets stop for a while electing the "Trapos" and non-productive family dynasties in the Philippines.. She should get also, non-greedy, but more patriotic THINK TANKERS, like you ... How about that ?... Can be called the "OFW'S PARTY" of the Philippines ???... With my Eye-to-Eye shaking hands with her inside a van, after the KoR-Kalayaan from Carson City, seems she got an aura of good, and accepted leadership to the majority of Filipinos, that can answer the problems of the country, that exploded via Napolis Scam Issues... She was humble and simple, just, said,.."MAY GOD BLESS US ALL"... Amen!..
2 Sunday, 22 June 2014 07:15
Here is a commentary from the "Irosin Philippines Facebook Group": Caroline Manguiat-Ubalde posted: "A rejoinder to your previous post Bob on going for GP: Voting for Grace Poe because she is more winnable than Chiz (Escudero) might not be a good selling point among sensible voters. I remember people who discouraged voters to vote for Roco because he won't win anyway; or vote for GMA since she's smarter than the movie star FPJ."
(Con't.) I replied to Caroline Manguiat-Ubalde: QUOTE RE: Grace Poe. Once people get to know her better, they will realize that she is very intelligent, as she was always on the Honor Roll in the elementary and high school at Assumption College (according to some of her classmates, including my daughter). Yet, even during her school days, she remained simple & friendly & never bragged about her parents being the supposed King & Queen of Filipino movies. She did not like to become an actress or even a worker in the film industry. She chose to study & live a simple life as a "soccer Mom" in the U.S. until her father ran in the now-infamous 2010 presidential election when she returned to the homeland to help in the campaign. At this stage, she is a fast learner and she can attract the help & support of the best minds among the 12-million strong Overseas-Filipino communities because she is a former OFW and she is one of them. Even now that she is a senator, GP has not changed her demeanor & she still seeks the company of her elementary-&-high-school buddies. Even Filipino leaders who studied and partly lived in the U.S, esp. Bicolnon "geniuses" like Raul Roco, Jess Robredo, Chiz Escudero, paid only lip service to Overseas Filipinos. I should know because I met with them several times and sent them our ideas for development but they never took us seriously. Grace Poe hopefully will listen to the Overseas-Filipino ideas, proposals and reform agenda, as she is really one of us. UNQUOTE.
@ Caroline Manguiat-Ubalde I met several times with then-presidential aspirants Raul Roco & Nene Pimentel & I tried to initiate a partnership between them but to no avail. Here is the story of my efforts to influence two of the best leaders of the country at that time: FYI.

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