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Sep 24th
Home Sections Politics Top-Ten Reasons Why Meg Whitman’s Candidacy Is a Losing Proposition
Top-Ten Reasons Why Meg Whitman’s Candidacy Is a Losing Proposition PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Goliath Letterman   
Friday, 27 August 2010 23:32


Top-Ten Reasons Why Meg Whitman’s Candidacy Is a Losing Proposition


By Goliath Letterman


H ere are the top-ten reasons why Meg Whitman – despite her zillions in campaign funds – will lose the Nov. 2, 2010, election for governor of California:


10.   Meg Whitman has hired at least 999,999 political consultants, campaign staff and field operatives but like her, 99.99% of them have not voted for 28 years or more or they are registered voters of other states.


9.      Voters know that if Ms. Whitman becomes the governor, she will turn the Golden State into Goldman-Sachs country.



8.      In spite of a degree from the Harvard Business School, Meg Whitman still needs to go back to college and take up more management courses. Ask eBay executive Young Mi Kim why Ms. Whitman’s needs more schooling in anger management.


7.      Ms. Whitman knows how to turn a push into a shove, to use a cliché. But each shove as the California governor may cost the state treasury a minimum of $200,000 settlement per incident. Again, please ask Young Mi Kim for the settlement’s computation.


6.      Meg Whitman’s stint at Goldman Sachs investment bank makes her a part of the mortgage-meltdown problem and not part of the solution. People know the adage that those who have profited from the destruction (of the housing-mortgage industry, for instance) should not have a role in the reconstruction.


5.      Ms. Whitman has experience in dealing with executive pay and, therefore, she may be able to solve California’s pension-fund crisis. She can simply do what she did as director of Goldman Sachs. Like voting for big bonus packages for five top Goldman-Sachs executives, including the CEO’s 2001 bonus package of $11.5-million, more than 19 times his salary. In her two years on the executive-compensation committee, the five men were paid $79-million in bonuses – thanks to Meg Whitman’s concern for the lowly stockholders.


4.      The California governorship is not yet being sold on eBay.


3.      Meg Whitman is a New Yorker, if not a Yankee carpetbagger, who will exploit and turn California’s Main Streets into extensions of Wall Street.


2.      Meg Whitman is the ultimate “flip-flopper” of a candidate. During the primary campaign, she touted herself as a conservative. After she won the primary, she became a moderate. Now, she is trying to become more liberal than Jerry Brown. Pretty soon, Ms. Whitman will be more popish than the Pope. And . . .


1.      Meg Whitman has hired all the scriptwriters in Hollywood. She has a script prepared for any issue, as she believes in the dictums that “the less talk, the less mistake;” and “no talk, no mistake.” But voters do not like a corporate robot as their governor. # # #


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Last Updated on Thursday, 02 September 2010 07:18
Comments (2)
1 Monday, 30 August 2010 06:43
Maybe Reason No. 9 (Voters know that if Ms. Whitman becomes the governor, she will turn the Golden State into Goldman-Sachs country) will become the Lucky-Nine slogan for the anti-Whitman campaginers.


2 Thursday, 30 September 2010 09:19
Could I vote for a candidate who had failed to vote in the last 20 years?

Jerry Brown had ideas that were ahead of his times then that are now becoming the norm like recycling and renewable energy. He had appointed more minorities like no other governor during his time and he is not afraid to postulate his ideas as a public servant.

Despite being out spent considerably in this forthcoming November elections, he is running break even with that billionaire opponent. Frankly, I like his chances.

Al Maglan

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