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Oct 19th
Home Sections Politics Two Fil-Am Community Leaders Discuss the Alleged Latest Racket of Rodel Rodis, Et Al
Two Fil-Am Community Leaders Discuss the Alleged Latest Racket of Rodel Rodis, Et Al PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Politics
Written by Ado Paglinawan   
Sunday, 18 September 2011 17:31

Two Fil-Am Community Leaders Discuss the Alleged Latest Racket of Rodel Rodis and Loida Lewis


By Ado Paglinawan of Washington, DC


Does the coming Global Conference address the impact of the continuing economic meltdown on the Filipinos who are still working overseas and those who are coming back to the homeland because they have nothing anymore? – Cesar Torres


I am not sure about the answer, Professor Cesar.


Unfortunately it is not at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) where help is most needed from the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NAFFAA) and its supposed twin organization, the US Pinoys for Good Government (USP44GG). The fantastic duo of a California lame-duck lawyer and the richest University of the Philippines (UP) law alumna is heading the USP4GG. She is also the NaFFAA chairperson emeritus and he remains its legal counsel.


The battle to be won is HERE near my neck of woods – Prince George's County, Maryland, where hundreds of Filipino teachers are being marginalized. 


On Aug. 21, 2011, the USP4GG here in Washington, DC, launched one of the more-than "100" prayer forums that it claimed were being simultaneously held "all over the US". They were using the "Spratly" issue as their rallying point for "unity" by and among Filipino Americans.


During the open forum, I asked what the US4GG stand on the RH bill is, and their spokesperson here said they made a survey and the board had decided to be "PRO" RH.


Editor’s Note: To read Mr. Paglinawan’s account of the Aug. 21, 2011, USP4GG event, please click on this link, Loida Lewis & Company Try to Drag Filipino Americans into Frivolous Sinophobia


One minute they are rallying for UNITY, the next second they are supporting a bill that has seriously DIVIDED the Filipino people.


I am not impressed with the US4GG because its last two letters “GG” stands for “GAGO,” which is the Filipino word for “stupid.”


As for the NaFFAA, what does "FF" tell you? It’s more-than twice the "F" word. Filipino Americans should have learned their lesson from the NaFFAA debacles, scams and scandals.


Editor’s Note: To read another article in the NaFFAAgate section of this online publication, please click on this link, Eric Lachica, Rodel Rodis and Loida Lewis Display on June 30 in L. A. their Rackets Even if They Do Not Play Tennis


The Aug. 21, 2011, prayer forum and the Manila showcase in September are just platforms for future fundraising of the Democrats for the November 2012 elections. Taken as the same organization (by the so-called legal maxim, “piercing the veil of legal fiction”) it is clear that both the “GG” and “FF” entities have only Hillary Clinton and President Noynoy Aquino in common. 


This is why President Noynoy is coming to the US at a time when President Barack Obama is already climbing walls.


To make the long story short, in the US, the USP4GG is a front for the Obama reelection campaign.


In the Philippine scenario, Loida Lewis, Rodel Rodis and Company make it appear that they are joining the suits against the conjugal kleptocrats, Gloria and Mike Arroyo. But they were rubbing elbows with the Arroyos just as recent as one year before the 2010 elections.  


Whether you go by the acronym “GG” or “FF,” both mean “Business As Usual.”


It is tantamount to doing the Filipino slang, “sipsip” (SS), which means sucking to the powers that be. We all know that the NaFFAA/USP4GG chairpersons just cooperate with whoever controls the government. When an Administration ends, the same people cooperate with the next Dispensation of the new people in power.


The NaFFAA/USP4GG formula is simple: GG + FF = SS. 


Then-President Joseph Estrada made it even simpler: "Weather-weather lang yan." (You just go with the prevailing weather.)


Can you trust these people? There is no doubt in my mind that Lolita Farmer and Vic Barrios have the best intentions and pure hearts. But both good leaders must not trust the “GG” and “FF” people.


I just hope that they will no be able to fool you also, Professor Torres.


Here is what former UP Prof. Cesar Torres commented in a Filipino-American e-newsgroup, to which Mr. Paglinawan replied:

Of course, only the hopelessly ignorant will say that this is the fault of President Barack. 


The impact of this Global Economic Meltdown is intensifying all over the world, in Ado Paglinawan's America, and especially in the Middle East. Our folks there are competing with the jobless Arabs and Muslims. And many are coming back to the Filipino homeland? What awaits them in Perlas ng Silangan (Pearl of the Orient)?


In America, even teachers are defying the much-vaunted "rule of law." And many have been organizing so that they can take over Wall Street, brandishing their placards that human beings are more important than the gazillion profits of the capitalists.


Will Counselor Lolita Farmer and Global Filipino Nation (GFN) Chairman Victor S. Barrios answer this question? Does the Global Conference of the NaFFAA and the USP4GG of Atty. Rodel Rodis and Atty. Loida Lewis address the impact of the continuing economic meltdown on the Filipinos, who are still working overseas and those who are coming back to the Filipino homeland because they have nothing anymore (abroad)?


Atty. Lewis is the richest UP alumna. The Global Conference is the one being held in PICC later this month through the kindness of a Philippine-government Commission on Filipinos Overseas, which is headed by Atty. Lewis’ sister. # # #


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