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Jun 10th
Home Community RP Government Updates Statement of the President re Millennium Challenge Corporation Announcement
Statement of the President re Millennium Challenge Corporation Announcement PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Philippine Embassy Staff   
Thursday, 13 March 2008 00:06

Philippine Consulate General

Los Angeles, California



12 March 2008


Statement of the President re Millennium Challenge Corporation Announcement


“Yesterday, our government signed a national budget that dedicates itself to investing in our people and lifting up our poor. Today, another piece of good news for the long term prosperity and stability of our nation has been announced in
Washington, DC."

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), an official US-government corporation designed to help developing countries fight poverty, announced that the Philippines has been selected as eligible for the MCC compact - an opportunity that can bring hundreds of millions of dollars to our nation to lift our nation out of poverty.

This is a great day for the Philippines and the actions by the Millennium Challenge Corporation offers a remarkable validation of the efforts of our government and nation to invest in our people, fight corruption and encourage economic freedom. These are the hallmarks of my Administration, and I am absolutely thrilled to be so recognized for consideration by this prestigious and serious-minded corporation of the US government.

In making its dramatic announcement, MCC CEO Ambassador John Danilovich said on behalf of the Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, "Congratulations to the Government of the Philippines for its demonstrated commitment to tackling difficult challenges and improving the lives of its people. While eligibility is an essential first step towards a poverty reduction grant from the MCC, selection does not guarantee funding. The Philippines , like all countries eligible for a compact, must maintain its performance on the MCC selection criteria and must now begin a broad-based consultative process with its people to develop a proposal that addresses the country's barriers to poverty reduction and economic growth. As partners, we agree that ending corruption and finding long-term ways to reduce poverty are urgent priorities that deserve our full attention."

I am deeply honored and pleased that our efforts are paying off and have been recognized in Washington D.C . I believe that if we can all come together, redouble our efforts and continue to meet the criteria of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the long term benefit to our nation will be the best gift I can leave this nation when I step down in 2010."







Nagbalayong, Morong Bataan

March 12, 2008



"We need to beautify our villages and cities and rid them of trash; build more urban parks and recreation areas; purify our water and clean up industrial sites that are both unhealthy and aesthetically unpleasant. From our newly-approved budget that is allocating the biggest chunk to social services, we have put aside P 5 Billion for conservation activities from the DENR's P 8 Billion total budget."

"We will recover our lost forests through massive tree planting with the help of communities. The DENR budget sets aside P 300 million for reforestation. We have also convinced several countries like New Zealand to give their grants as reforestation projects. Inatasan din natin ang PNOC na gumastos sa forestation upang bawiin ang oxyen na kinakain ng langis kaya nagkakaroon ng global warming."

"The protection of our national parks and wildlife refuges is also high in our priority. We want to turn our coral reefs and beaches, the rice terraces - our contribution to the wonders of the world - as well as our mountain vistas and tropical forests into national parks and international sanctuaries for eco-tourism and scientific research. P 240 Million will be spent for protected areas, apart from what they can raise as gate receipts from holidaymakers."


"We need to tap alternative indigenous sources of power and energy, and we put a premium on green and renewable energy. We are veering away from imported fossil fuels whose prices are not only sky high, but also highly volatile. Our budget gives P274.16 million to support the Department of Energy's efforts on energy resource development and utilization and conservation activities. The PNOC has its own billion of corporate funds for the development of New and Renewable Energy sources even as we work harder to convince investors to venture into the promising areas of solar, wind, geothermal and biofuel energy."


"Habang marami na tayong nagawa, marami pa ring dapat gawin. Balak nating magtrabaho nang masipag sa susunod na dalawang taon hanggang matapos ang aking termino sa 2010 para matupad ang ating Philippine Reform Agenda. Kailangan at gagawin natin, susulong tayo ng higit pang mga reporma. Ipaglalaban natin ang Ekonomiya, Edukasyon at ang Enviroment."


Full text of speech available at:




Statement of the President

"It is a sad day for democracy and our region that Myanmar has rejected the proposal put forward by the United Nations for outside observers to the May election. The very integrity of the UN has been rejected by a nation that wishes to be taken seriously by its neighbors and the world.

A central pillar of democracy is a free and fair election. Outside observers are not a threat to any nation's sovereignty. Rather, the participation of outside election observers is a sign of strength. These observers help show the world the credibility of the election process itself. We have long had observers in the Philippines and they have helped solidify and advance our democracy.

It is not too late for the government of Myanmar to accept the modest proposal by the UN. I call on the government in Myanmar to do the right thing and allow outside observers. It is a small but modest step
toward democratization that is long overdue in Myanmar."


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Last Updated on Sunday, 16 March 2008 05:50

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