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Apr 08th
Home Columns San Diego Happenings Happiness is "Alay sa Magulang"
Happiness is "Alay sa Magulang" PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - San Diego Happenings
Wednesday, 18 July 2007 23:39

"Alay sa Magulang" (Offering to Parents) was a day of fun for the family --- grandparents, parents and children. The event lit up the faces of about one hundred fifty people, mostly seniors, who enjoyed the many activities and went home smiling. Indeed, happiness is…"Alay sa Magulang".

Sponsored by One Vision One Voice A Filipino-American Movement, the event was held on July 14 at St. Rita's Church Auditorium.

Councilman Tony Young graced the event saying, "I like this kind of event, it is a special day for parents to be able to enjoy all these activities".

Vina Phelps and Josie Robles greeted the participants handing them a bag for the goodies they would be receiving. Highlights of the day included bingo and the game bunot.

The traditional Filipino game Bunot, a game of chance in which a number that corresponds to a prize is picked from a board was prepared by Dr. Manny Sevilla. "It takes 24 hours for the rolled numbers under crepe paper to dry,"  he claims. Making it, though, was a true labor of love and well worth the preparation as the seniors excitedly danced in line awaiting their turn to the tune of the background music for the famous TV show Wowowee. Assisting Dr. Sevilla was Michelle Mendoza and young Julius Bagsic, who helped give away a total of 120 prizes, including several electric fans.

Bingo was clamored for by the seniors who showed off their knowledge of the game. Joseph Roley Arzaga, the game coordinator commented, "It amazed me how tenacious the seniors can be when it came to Bingo." The game had to be staggered to compel the participants to eat and visit the various exhibitors' booths. Vina Phelps donated many of the prizes for the Bingo.

Cecelia Linayao, renowned Filipino artist volunteered her time in honor of her father, Carlos Linayao, the Filipino community's well-loved patriach, who spent hours at last year's event sharing stories with many, in a seeming goodbye. He passed away 3 days after the event. Cecelia organized the children into a sidewalk chalk painting artistry the end result was a collage of self-portraits.

Corning Evangelista brought a massage table and offered body and back massages. The doctor's table had Dr. Ceferina Ruiz and Dr. Frank Dulin checking blood pressures. Assisting were Cora Dulin and Dr. Lita Sevilla.

The seniors kept spinning the American Cancer Society's Wheel of Knowledge. Demy Din was kept busy explaining cancer facts and handing out prizes. Hand massages and facials were given by Marcy Lum and Marnyce McKell.

Major donor Clarisse Lopez of Best Care Health Systems, explained about medical home services that can be obtained for seniors.

The other major donor Myrna Reyes, President of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce, personally greeted the seniors and handed out prizes she donated including cash.

Victoria Fernandez, Senior Services Coordinator of the Summercrest Community Center, brought along many seniors to the event. Her dedication to these Filipino seniors showed in her watchful eye of them during the day, to include a post event gathering at her home.

Lunch was donated by many establishments and served by Cora Aparis, Lou Atienza, Wililia Salazar, Maria Teodoro and Delano Rivera of the Delta Lions Club and Majestic Lions Club. The members of the New Century Lions Club, a club whose membership is composed of young professional up to age 35, served cases of Green Tea drink. Members included: Joann Camero-Bagsic, Dimples Rayo, Edward Aparis, Roland Bagsic, Chris Ferraro, Abigail Zamudio, Henry Dizon and Trisha Labaco. Sally Sumners of Sumners Music donated several crates of lettuce as take home gifts.

Donors and co-sponsors included: American Cancer Society, Photography & Media, ASIA, Asian Journal, Best Care Health Systems (Clarisse Lopez), Century 21 Award, Chit's Restaurant Chula Vista (Del Rivera), Conching's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlour, Cookie Lee (Marcie Lum), Corning Evangelista (massage therapy), County of San Diego Health and human Services Agency Immunization Branch (Christine Garcia), Fil-Am Weekly MegaScene, Frank's Barber shop (Frank Barrion), HorizonMedical Supply (Jan Vincent Lopez), Isang Lahi Foundation, Juliet Gomez of Wells Fargo, KABAYAN clothing (Deejay DeJesus & Gary Ellington), Lucie's Beauty Care Plus, Lynn Hinahon's Beauty Salon, Maharlika Cafe© and Grill, Manila Bulletin USA, Myrna Reyes of Southland Title, Original Richard's Bakery, Philippine Village Voice, Sam Samson, San Diego Delta Lions Club, San Diego Majestic Lions Club, San Diego New Century Lions, San Diego Pain and Rehabilitation Center, San Ysidro Health Center (Nancy Romero), SBC Financial Group, Sumners Music, UCSD Cancer Center (Mercedes Soto), Union of Pan Asian Communities (Hua Chang) and Warm Spirit (Marnyce McKell, certified self care consultant).

Alay sa Magulang happened with the help of many volunteers and donors. Co-chairs of the event were Dr. Ceferina Ruiz and Dr. Manny Sevilla. Pre event activities featured Vina Phelps making arrangements for the venue and Dr. Ruiz who spent many days soliciting door prizes. Always hard at work serving others, Letty Bustria distributed fliers after masses for several Sundays.

Wilma Ventura of the Original Richard's Bakery, a constant supporter of OVOV, never failing to donate breads and sweets says, "Pan de Sal is a tradition for us Filipinos. My support is but a small gift I try to give back to the community."

In a thank you note to the OVOV team after the event, Dr. Maria Lourdes Reyes, One Vision One Voice's Founder and Facilitator wrote, "Thank you for helping make today a special, joyful day of service. It always makes my heart wonder how very little it takes to make the happy faces we saw today."

OVOV has scheduled Alay sa Magulang as a yearly event, around the time of July 4 weekend, as a service gift to parents and also in celebration of Philippine American Friendship day.

OVOV is a movement dedicated to unifying and improving the Filipino-American community through education, empowerment, advocacy and service. The 2007 core team includes: Demy Din, Dr. Frank Dulin, Mimi Estrada, Michelle Mendoza, Vina Phelps, Dr. Ceferina Ruiz, Dr. Maria Lourdes F. Reyes, Joseph Roley-Arzaga, Allan James Rubio, and Dr. Manny Sevilla.

Press release by OVOV Media domain, San Diego, CA, 619-988-2210.

Photos by Joseph Roley Arzaga:

Alay participants enjoying lunch.
Alay participants enjoying lunch.

Dr. Manny Sevilla with winner in game of

Maria Lourdes F. Reyes, MD, MPH
PO Box 1592 La Jolla, CA 92038
Tel- (619) 988-2210
Fax- (619) 280-4916

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