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Apr 05th
Home Columns San Diego Happenings Ms. Cudal Writes the MabuhayRadio About Romy Marquez's Reports
Ms. Cudal Writes the MabuhayRadio About Romy Marquez's Reports PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - San Diego Happenings
Friday, 30 November 2007 03:09

Re: MabuhayRadio!: False news about Filipino leaders in San Diego

In a message dated 11/30/2007 1:02:04 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Aurora S. Cudal <>

QUOTE. Please come to San Diego and conduct an impartial investigation into the allegations of Romeo Marquez. Why not report what is true about the shenanigans of Marquez here in San Diego? UNQUOTE.

Here is the reply of the editor:


Ms. Aurora Cudal

Immediate Past President,

COPAO, and

Chair Emeritus, NaFFAA Chapter

San Diego, California


Dear Ms. Cudal:

Thank you for suggestion that we conduct an impartial investigation of the reports written by Romeo Marquez that the published.

The investigative reports done by Mr. Marquez were in order. Let us examine for instance the report by Mr. Marquez that at least $27,000 of the funds of the COPAO were withdrawn illegally from its depositary bank during your presidency. Your defense was that the signatures of the COPAO checks cashed illegally were spurious (meaning, that the checks were stolen and that your signature in the said checks was forged).

All you had to do to answer the allegations of Mr. Marquez, as contained in his investigative reports, was to provide him and the public with the following evidence:

1.0  That immediately after discovering the supposed "theft" of the COPAO checks, you advised your depositary bank, which could identify as to who cashed (or deposited) the COPAO check. Banks would have refunded the COPAO checking account had you notified it that the checks in question were missing, presumed stolen and cashed illegally (by cashing it at the teller's window or depositing the checks with your forged signature in another bank account). But apparently, you and the COPAO treasurer never advised the bank that "stolen" checks with your forged signatures were being cashed time and time again until $27,000 was lost.

2.0  Had you reported that the COPAO checks were stolen and cashed illegally, then the bank's Security Department would have conducted a swift investigation and reported the matter to the police authorities for immediate action. Banks normally microfilm all the checks cashed and it has a foolproof system of determining as to who cashed any check issued by its depositors.

3.0  But -- apparently, as stated in the Marquez's investigative report -- you and your treasurer (your counter signatory of the said COPAO bank account) did not inform the bank and you just allowed the COPAO checks (with your alleged forged signature) to be cashed illegally. This meant also that you and your treasurer never bothered to reconcile the bank statement that the depositary bank sent to the COPAO at least on a monthly basis with your deposit-and-withdrawal records.

4.0  It would be hard to believe your contention that you were not aware of what happened to the COPAO bank account and that your signatures were forged in all the said COPAO checks.

I would be willing to go to San Diego and investigate the matter of the missing COPAO checks if you and/or the present COPAO president will send to me an authorization in writing that would authorize me to get copies of the microfilmed COPAO checks from your depository bank.

What is going for Mr. Marquez's report is the adage, "It is elementary, Mr. Watson." Even if the COPAO new officers refused to conduct their own investigation of the said alleged missing checks and the disappearance of $27,000 in its bank account, it would be hard to persuade the Court of  Public Opinion that you had nothing to do with the alleged "missing" checks of the COPAO, which "missing" (sic) checks were cashed with your "forged" (sic) signature.

And finally, if you and the other COPAO officers thought that the investigative reports of Mr. Marquez were libelous, then you could have sued him (and even the undersigned as the editor for publishing Mr. Marquez's articles) for libel. Reporting Mr. Marquez to the Immigration authorities so that he could be deported as an "illegal alien" just made you and your fellow COPAO officers the modern Filipino-American versions of the Makapilis collaborators during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. 

As they said before, "Guerillas tago, Makapili turo." Now, is it, "TNT tago, COPAO-NaFFAA Makapili turo"?

I will wait for the written authorization from the COPAO before I proceed to San Diego to begin the investigation, starting with the depositary bank of the COPAO.




Bobby M. Reyes


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