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Jul 10th
Home Sections Sports David Diaz’s Manager Declares Pacman “Clean”
David Diaz’s Manager Declares Pacman “Clean” PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joseph G. Lariosa   
Monday, 11 January 2010 12:46



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David Diaz’s Manager Declares Manny Pacquiao “Clean”


C HICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – The manager and trainer of one of the top-rated boxers, who lost to Filipino boxing great Manny Pacquiao, is staying in the corner of Manny despite the accusation of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. that the Filipino unorthodox boxer might have performance-enhancing drug in his system.


Jim Strickland’s backing of the Filipino pound-for-pound champion carries some weight not only because he is the manager and trainer of former world lightweight champion David Diaz who lost to Manny but also because he is a retired licensed pharmacist.


In a tape-recorded phone interview with this reporter, Chicago-based Mr. Strickland said Manny (Pacquiao) is right in not submitting to a blood test that will determine if he has performance-enhancing drug in his system because at this point, “I don’t know of any quantitative measure that has been held up to scrutiny and the exam and how much is a fighter enhanced when drug (steroid) is taken.


“But in case of baseball, a player on steroids may be easier to detect if he suddenly may have more home runs. There was somewhat measurement of it or can point to some comparative fights.


“Look at Manny’s fight and compare it after that, Manny is different. It is hard to see (if Manny is into steroids). Fighter changes performance, in many cases, because of the style of their opponents.”


Saying that his boxer, David Diaz, lost to Manny fair and square, Mr. Strickland, 80, said that when Manny beat David in 2008, he never attributed Manny’s victory to Manny’s use of “performance-enhancing drug.”


He said Manny is right in rejecting the Olympic standard of blood testing because “such requirement is not mandated” by the Nevada Boxing Commission, which has jurisdiction over the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight that has now been scrapped.




If the Nevada Boxing Commission changes its rules by requiring blood test by all means Manny or any boxer should abide by the rules.


Otherwise, he said, Manny “should not be singled out for blood testing unless the boxing commission feels that way and until there is proof.”


Mr. Strickland, a native of Kansas City, Kansas, said that if someone accuses him or his fighter that they are “dirty fighter or has steroids in the system, then, I can also sue to repair a damaged reputation” as Manny did before a Las Vegas, Nevada, federal district court.


He said he is even willing to appear as witness during a jury trial if Manny asks him to testify how a previous opponent of Manny feels after the fight. “I would certainly rise to that question, I would respond to it in the way as far as I am concerned. I don’t see any reason of accusing Manny of using illegal drugs in our fight.”




W hen told that the Mayweather camp is raising the standard of testing because of the big purses either side is going to make, the former trainer of a boxer in the Olympics said, for boxers, “money does not set the criteria for a fight. It goes all the way back to amateur days when a fighter fights for a trophy. You enter the sport to abide by the rules. An amateur boxer in a four-rounder makes $200. You are lucky to make $400 three or four years ago. That fighter places much of his life on the line in terms of losing and winning. Because fighters hate to lose, they would train just as strongly. Fighters might earn their first thousands and millions but the heart of a fighter (to win) in no measure is just as strong.”


He clarified that there was no confirmation to reports that David Diaz is going to face WBC Super Featherweight champion Armando Humberto Soto Ochoa in the undercard of the supposed Pacquiao-Mayweather match up.


Pacquiao is now scheduled to face welterweight Joshua Clottey, who has never lost via knock out, in Dallas at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on March 13. # # #  (


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Last Updated on Monday, 11 January 2010 12:50

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