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Mar 04th
Home Sections Sports Filipino-American Pitcher Excels in World Series
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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 13:41


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July 13, 2013, News Flash: Fil-Am pitcher Tim Lincecum throws no-hitter tonight in San Diego, CA. To read a report about Tim Lincecum's feat, pls go to Mabuhay, Tim!


C HICAGO (jGLi) – Long-haired Timothy “The Freak” Leroy Lincecum is a Filipino American who led a band of castoffs and misfits to win the World Series for the San Francisco Giants Monday (Nov. 1) night in Arlington, Texas.


According to Bleacher report website, Tim Lincecum is now making inroads into the exclusive domain of sports greats reserved for the likes of Manny Pacquiao.


If he does not have a fair complexion, Tim Lincecum’s skinny build and height at 5-11 and his 170-pound frame still could not be mistaken for having Filipino genes.


But yes, Lincecum, the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to win the prestigious Cy Young Award in his first back-to-back full seasons (2008 and 2009), has every inch a Filipino blood in his veins.


His team mates in the San Francisco Giants came to know about this moment of truth when the usually dependable starting pitcher explained during his rookie year of the regular in 2007 how he lost to the Chicago Cubs. He said he was pitching with a heavy heart following the death of his “Papa Bolo.”


His “Papa Bolo” turned out to be his grandfather by his mother’s side, Balleriano Asis, whose wife is Philomena Asis. They have ten children, two boys and eight girls, one of them, Rebecca Asis, is Lincecum’s mother.


J ust days after the death of Balleriano, the right hander was pitching against the Cubs. He breezed thru the eight innings but he fell apart on the ninth, letting the Cubs win the game, 5-1.


The next day the rookie pitcher admitted, "It was my fault, I had a lot of stuff in my head," he said. "Out there, I was thinking about [my grandpa]. I was thinking of past stuff as well as using him to help me. A lot of people do that, they look to God and relatives that have passed away.


"They look to them to help them get through stuff. I guess I used him like that, and it was great. It's sad to see him go, and it's kind of tough to deal with, but on the field, I'm just trying to be as focused on the game as possible."


His mother, Rebecca Asis, who is a daughter of Filipino immigrants, “might be part of the reason Tim’s unassuming manner and humble nature,” according to Kevin Riley of Bleacher report.


Balleriano was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father Genaro Asis was born in Mindanao, Philippines; his mother Alberta Alcoy was born in Cebu City, Philippines.


Philomena was born in Stockton, California. Her father, Leoncio Marcigan was born in Batangas, Philippines; her mother Anustasia Dominguez was born in Siquijor, Philippines.


During the off-season, Lincecum, 26, a native of Bellevue, Washington State, plays with his two nephews in his Renton, Washington, home. They enjoy playing with him and dozens of his cousins. His closeness to Balleriano, his “Papa Bolo,” was so obvious when he unraveled against the Cubs.


A first-round draft, 10th pick, by the San Francisco Giants, Lincecum, whose Caucasian father, Chris Lincecum, jump-started his career, is a unique player as he throws with his right hand but bats with his left hand.


By locking up a $23-million, two-year deal with the Giants earlier this year, Lincecum is on his way to closing the gap in terms of income among Filipino and Filipino-American athletes with seven-time boxing champion and now-Congressman Manny Pacquiao, who is leading the pack with earnings estimated at $40-M in 2009.


By becoming the winning pitcher in the first World Series since the San Francisco Giants moved to the City by the Bay from New York, Lincecum, whose long hair gives him an appearance more of a rock star than a baseball “Freak,” could likely keep his income gap closer with Pacquiao. Lincecum’s nickname is “Freak,” which might have come from a sign from a baseball fan.


Lincecum, Edgar Renteria and the Giants won the World Series on Monday night, beating the Texas Rangers 3-1 in a tense Game 5 of the best of seven.


The Giants first won this title in 1954, four years before they moved to San Francisco. The Giants won their previous title when they played in New York at the Polo Grounds.


Lincecum beat AL Cy Young ERA leader Cliff Lee in their second matchup only after Renteria of Columbia hit the game-winning three-run homer with two outs in the seventh inning to break the scoreless game. While Nelson Cruz answered with a homer in the bottom of the inning, Lincecum came back strong to preserve the lead.


Brian Wilson closed for a save, completing a surprising finish when they clinched the playoff spot only on the final day.


Although behind by 7 ½ games to San Diego as early as July 4,  Giants managed to win the division, finishing 92-70. # # #


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