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Feb 21st
Home Sections Sports How the Philippines Became a Side-bar Issue in a Controversial Super-Bowl Ad
How the Philippines Became a Side-bar Issue in a Controversial Super-Bowl Ad PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Sports
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 08 February 2010 11:55


F or the past three weeks or so leading to yesterday’s Super Bowl, the Philippines was often mentioned by columnists and writers in discussing the controversial ad about celebrated college-football quarterback Tim Tebow. A 30-second ad in the Super-Bowl TV coverage costs a million-dollars or more to air.


Here is a description of the said Tim-Tebow ad, as written by columnist David Gibson:


CBS' decision to reverse its previous policy barring advocacy ads to air the ad against abortion had sent Pam Tebow's story ricocheting around the Internet: how, as a Baptist missionary in the Philippines in 1987, she contracted amoebic dysentery while pregnant and was given drugs so powerful they caused a detached placenta and led doctors to forecast a stillborn baby or a child with terrible birth defects. The doctors reportedly counseled her to have an abortion that could save her life, but Pam Tebow refused. The result was Tim Tebow, superstar college football QB and pro-life poster child. -- David Gibson


To read Mr. Gibson’s column in its entirety, please click on this link:

Tim Tebow Ad Was a Perfect Pump-Fake

Focus on Family ad was soaked in
controversy before Super Bowl. Then it
aired, and our writer found it charming.
Why it's a win for pro-life advocates


While the Philippines was not mentioned at all in the Super-Bowl ad, at least the Filipino homeland got free publicity in the weeks leading to the Big Game and, hopefully, in the coming days, as the said ad is dissected further by pundits. # # #


E ditor’s Notes: This publication has adamantly opposed abortion as criminal, as it results in the killing of the unborn. Hereunder are links to some of the articles published against the evil of abortion:


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