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Aug 12th
Home Sections Sports “Instant Replay” To Be Employed in Pacquiao-Marquez Fight
“Instant Replay” To Be Employed in Pacquiao-Marquez Fight PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 26 June 2011 12:01



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C HICAGO (jGLi) – If the third meeting between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will take place on Nov. 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Nevada Athletic Commission is going to make sure the decision of the referee will not be as controversial as their first two meetings.


For the first time in its history, Keith Kizer, executive director of the NAC, told this reporter in an email that NAC will now be employing “instant replay” “and it will be on November 12.”


Instant replay is the replaying of video footage of an event or incident in a sport event very soon after it has occurred.


Kizer clarified that instant replay will only be employed if there is a “foul or a stoppage” that immediately ends the fight but not “to review knockdown calls.”

In other words, when Pacquiao slipped during his last bout with Sugar Shane Mosley but was not seen by referee Kenny Bayless, who ruled it a knockdown, there was no need for instant replay.


The NAC is now adopting instant replay because technology is now available.


There have been growing lists of controversies that follow the mixed martial arts decisions, where illegal blows were not detected by the referee.


Kizer had previously cited the unnecessary loss in 2008 in Las Vegas of UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson to Kevin Burns when Johnson was poked in the eye but was not detected by the referee.


Burns was awarded a TKO-win following the illegal blow.




Mr. Kizer said the NAC’s regulation on instant replay will be as follows:

“After making a determination, a referee may view a replay, if available, at the conclusion of a contest or exhibition stopped immediately due to an injury to an unarmed combatant pursuant to NAC 467.718 (if the contest is too one-sided or if the unarmed combatant might be subjected to serious injury) in order to determine whether the injury in question was caused by a legal blow or a foul.

“(a) If the determination is made that the injury was the result of a legal blow, the injured unarmed combatant shall be determined to have lost the contest via technical knockout.

“(b) If the determination is made that the injury was the result of a foul, it must be determined whether the foul was intentional or accidental.

(1) If deemed intentional, the outcome of the contest shall be determined in accord with NAC 467.698 (the unarmed combatant who committed the intentional foul loses by disqualification); or

(2) If deemed accidental, the outcome of the contest shall be determined in accord with NAC 467.702 or 467.7966.


Under NAC 467.702  Fouls: Accidental, if a contest or exhibition is stopped because of an accidental foul, the referee shall determine whether the unarmed combatant who has been fouled can continue or not. If the unarmed combatant’s chance of winning has not been seriously jeopardized as a result of a foul and if the foul did not involve a concussive impact to the head of the unarmed combatant who was fouled, the referee may order the contest or exhibition continued after a reasonable interval. Before the contest or exhibition begins again, the referee shall inform the Commission’s representative of his determination that the foul was accidental.




T he new instant replay will apply to professional unarmed combat (e.g., boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts/MMA) in Nevada. This new rule could probably be replicated in other states' athletic commissions.


Major leagues observing “instant replay” include National Hockey League, National Football League, Canadian Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball.


Shortly after the Pacquiao-Mosley bout, this reporter asked Jim Strickland, the manager of former lightweight champion David Diaz, if he saw Pacquiao slipped although he was not hit by Mosley. Strickland said if there were instant replay, perhaps, Bayless should have reversed his call, which could make a difference in a close fight. Bayless later apologized to Manny Pacquiao for his wrong call but not to the judges, who could have changed their score cards. Pacquiao’s first fight with Marquez in 2004 was declared draw even after the Filipino icon knocked down Marquez three times in the opening round. Then in their rematch four years later, Pacquiao knocked down Marquez in the third round in earning a controversial split decision. # # #


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