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Apr 15th
Home Sections Sports Manny Pacquiao Should Fight with his Fists and Not with his Mouth
Manny Pacquiao Should Fight with his Fists and Not with his Mouth PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Saturday, 06 November 2010 13:09


Diplomatic Avenue is probably one of the biggest streets in America (an old Erap joke in Southern California now recycled into a Pacquiao gag)


T he above quotation, albeit a fictional one, is one of the jokes being attributed to Filipino boxing megastar Manny Pacquiao, who was elected also as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives on May 10, 2010. Yes, the yarn comes from the phrase, “Exhausting diplomatic avenues . . .”


While Filipinos, especially Overseas Filipinos, are having fun at the supposed ways Mr. Pacquiao mangles the King’s language, his recent adventure – or rather misadventure – in Las Vegas, Nevada, illustrates the point that he should stick to boxing and not even to politics.


Journalist Joseph G. Lariosa, the dean of Filipino correspondents in America, filed recently this news story about Mr. Pacquiao, who apparently fought for political empowerment in Nevada:


“According to an account of Renato Avenido, who owns the, Manny spoke glowingly of Senator Reid because he (Manny) ‘believes he (Reid) is a “good leader” and a strong supporter of Filipino causes.’


“Mr. Avenido told this reporter that Manny spoke for about 15 to 20 minutes, appealing to his boxing fans, notably Filipino and Hispanic Americans, to go out and vote for Senator Reid at Orr Middle School at 1562 E. Katie Avenue in Las Vegas that was ‘jam-packed by supporters (of about "a thousand”) of the veteran US lawmaker and fans of the world boxing champion’.”


Readers can read Mr. Lariosa’s article in its entirety by clicking on this hyperlink,

Manny Pacquiao Shares His Secrets in Politics, Backs Winner


P robably it is beyond Mr. Pacquiao’s and his Team-Pacquiao members’ and his advisers’ and/or promoters’ comprehension that the Filipino boxer is a foreigner insofar as American politics is concerned. And as a foreigner, Manny Pacquiao has no business in campaigning and/or endorsing an American candidate for a public office in the United States. Especially since Mr. Pacquiao is a Filipino elected congressman, he has no right at all to interfere in the domestic affairs of a foreign country.


Even if one subscribes to the joke that Mr. Pacquiao cannot Reid, oops, read or write, he has to ask simply even the members of the Filipino-American Fourth Estate if it was okay for him to endorse Sen. Harry Reid and campaign for him. Or Mr. Pacquiao could have asked the opinion of the trained diplomats at the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles, California, since he is a Filipino elected official.


The moral of this story is that people, especially public officials, must follow the right protocol when they travel abroad. The second lesson is that boxers must fight with their fists and not with their mouths because more often than not, they often suffer from a proverbial case of foot-in-mouth disease.


OK, ngrarud? # # #




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Last Updated on Sunday, 07 November 2010 10:32
Comments (4)
It is unfortunate that Philippine Representative Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao campaigned openly for US Senator Reid in Las Vegas. Pacquiao has a lot of fans not only in Las Vegas, but, around the world. Pacquiao must understand that he is a guest in the UNITED STATES I was really surprised why he did it. Congressman Pacquiao should rectify his actions before the OVERNMENT of Senator Reid raise a Red Flag on the Honorable Congressman Emmanuel Pacquiao.

Ernesto Gange
Aren't there American laws that forbid aliens meddling in American internal politics? I understand such prohibition exists in the Philippines. One can imagine the stink the Philippine press would scream about if Mr. Reid will campaign for Mr. Pacquiao in a reelection bid of the latter.

Fred Natividad
Livonia, Michigan
Fred Natividad writes: "Aren't there American laws that forbid aliens meddling in American internal politics?" -

if george w. bush can meddle in iraqi politics and replace saddam hussein with his choice, why can't pacquiao do the same in america? tit for tat!!!

the philippine press screams about everything under the sun because it has nothing better to do.

they remind me of this line in a rosemary clooney song: "You only build me up to let me down..."


another version: - Half As Much (Hank Sr.)

Bobby Manasan
Commonwealth of Virginia
LOLO Bobby,

We can't really fault Pakyaw for his ignorance in protocols. He probably doesn't even know what that word (protocol) means. We should blame those people who idolize this moron and illiterate clown and voted for him as a congressman.

BTW, has he come clean yet about his steroid use? Are they going to test him before his fight against this (what's-his-face-name) unknown boxer? Of course, he'll win this "farcical" fight again and Filipinos all over the world will, once again, rejoice in his "farcical" win.

Please count me out as one those Filipinos na bilib na bilib kay Pakyaw. Just like you, LOLO, I am a believer in calling a spade a spade. Perhaps, we're soul mates, ha? Our difference, I think, is that I am more obnoxious than you. My Filipino readers don't call me OJ, as in "Obnoxious Jesse," for nothing. A few, of course, thinks I am a "darling." LOL. And, LMFAO, too So there.

Take care.

Jesse Jose
Seattle, WA

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