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Mar 03rd
Home Sections Sports Mayweather Wants to “Castrate” (sic) El Pacquiao
Mayweather Wants to “Castrate” (sic) El Pacquiao PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Goliath Letterman   
Sunday, 05 September 2010 11:24


And NaFFAA Press Release that Tags Mayweather

 for his Below-the-belt Hits Against the Filipino Boxer


By Goliath Letterman


T he moral midgets of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) have stepped in the word war between boxing superstars Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and now-Filipino Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. But the NaFFAA indecent dwarfs did not do their homework and get the gist – if not the humor – of the entire controversy.


The headline of this story came from alleged conversation between Congressman Pacquiao and his American lawyer wherein the latter tells the Filipino boxing superstar that “Floyd Mayweather, Jr., wants to castigate him” (Pacquiao).


Reports say that Mr. Pacquiao asked in all seriousness the lawyer why “would Mayweather want to take out my balls?” Now, will Top Rank head honcho, Bob Arum, tell Mr. Pacquiao the synonyms for castigate? Such as chastise, criticize, rebuke, scold and tick off.


Blood-test Brouhaha


T he NaFFAA ruling clique failed also to determine the actual reason for the much-publicized row over the supposed “blood test” that cancelled the May 2010 Pacquiao-Mayweather bout.


This website’s Deep Throat said that actually Mr. Mayweather asked for a stipulation in the fight contract that Mr. Pacquiao be prevented from eating the Filipino delicacy called the “dinuguan” (pork entrails cooked with the pig’s blood). The American boxer thought that Mr. Pacquiao gets his “performance-enhancing stimulants” from the “dinuguan.” The same American lawyer of Mr. Pacquiao – since he could not pronounce “dinuguan” – just told the Filipino boxer the Mayweather’s demand for “blood test.” And that set off the tempest over it and the rest is history, to use an oft-quoted adage.


In the meantime, reports from the Philippine Congress say that Congressman Pacquiao is being tutored by his fellow representatives in parliamentary procedure and other congressional nuances. Readers may want to read again this report: La Gloria Teaches El Pacquiao Parliamentary Procedure


El Pacquiao as Interpreter in the Miss Universe Pageant?


D id Jesse Jose, the Seattle, Washington-based columnist, say that El Pacquiao was the choice (to serve as interpreter) of the Filipino contestant in the recently-held Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada? Readers may want to visit Mr. Jose’s articles in his column that has this URL:


Mr. Jose wrote about the just-concluded Miss Universe contest in his column. Here is its hyperlink, Miss Philippines, Venus Raj, “Wins” Title of "Miss Little Perfect" at Miss Universe Pageant


On the other hand, Chicago-based Joseph G. Lariosa, the dean of Filipino correspondents in America, says that Mr. Jose got it all wrong in regard to the use of a Filipino interpreter. Did Mr. Lariosa say further that it was actually former Miss International Melanie Marquez, who was supposed to serve as the interpreter for Miss Philippines Venus Raj? To read Mr. Lariosa’s take on the recent Miss Universe pageant, please go to this link: Venus Raj’s Miss(ed) Opportunities


As sent by Jon Melegrito, a member of the NaFFAA’s ruling clique and now the federation public-relations director and former executive director, here is the federation’s press release:


NaFFAA Condemns Racist and Homophobic Rant Against Filipino Boxing Champ


W ashington, D.C. – The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) has strongly condemned boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s blatantly racist and homophobic attacks against Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao in a YouTube interview released two days ago. In the vitriolic video, Mayweather called Pacquiao a “whore,” a “little yellow chump” and a “midget” several times. He also said that he will force Pacquiao to “make some sushi rolls and cook some rice” and “we’re going to cook him with some cats and dogs.”


Pacquiao had challenged Mayweather to a fight in the ring, but so far Mayweather has refused. Instead, he has defamed and slandered Pacquiao with baseless accusations that he uses performance-enhancing drugs.“We are outraged by Mayweather’s racially offensive remarks,” says NaFFAA National Chair Greg Macabenta.


“This disgusting diatribe against Pacqiuao is a racial slur against all Filipinos and Filipino Americans and an embarrassment not only to the boxing community but to all Americans. Talking trash may be common between boxing rivals, but Mayweather’s racially-laced profanities brazenly crossed the line of decency and respectability. Pacquiao, on the other hand, has taken the high road and acted like the gentleman that he is.


“We call on the National Boxing Association and state athletic commissions to censure Mayweather for behavior that is both abhorrent and demeaning to boxing fans and to the whole world of sports. We also call on the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to reprimand the boxing star for insulting people of color.


“We are further asking all civil rights organizations to stand in solidarity with us in denouncing this racist and homophobic rant. Mayweather’s apology is unacceptable and he must be made accountable for his damaging statements.


“At a time when immigrant communities are being viewed with increasing suspicion and mistrust, Mayweather’s cruel, abusive and hurtful remarks can only stoke more hostility, derision and resentment against individuals who look foreign by virtue of their looks, their size or the sound of their names. Coming from a boxing celebrity with millions of fans around the world, Mayweather’s shameless and reckless conduct unfairly paints an entire racial and ethnic group with a broad brush and seriously undermines America’s core values of inclusivity and racial tolerance.” # # #


Editor’s Notes:

1.)             Here is the footnote sent along with the press release: “The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) is a private, non-profit, non-partisan tax-exempt organization established in 1997 to promote the active participation of Filipino Americans in civic and national affairs. NaFFAA is composed of 12 regions with a national office (now already closed for failure to pay rent) in Washington, D.C. that monitors legislation and public policy issues affecting Filipino Americans. NaFFAA partners with local affiliate organizations and national coalitions in advocating for issues of common concern.” To read more about the NaFFAA and its NaFFAAgate scandals, please go to this website’s section:


2.)             Here is the latest commentary from one of the most-vocal critics of the NaFFAA, now Toronto, Canada-based journalist Romeo P. Marquez: Is the NaFFAA Already Dead or Still Dying?





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Last Updated on Sunday, 05 September 2010 12:24
Comments (1)
1 Sunday, 05 September 2010 22:00
Pati ba naman si Mayweather ay pinapaki-alamnan ng mga nasa-NAFFAA.

Bakit hindi nila paki-alamnan yong mga ninakaw ng mga NAFFAA liders sa federation treasury? Matagal nang tinatago nitong mga national liders yong tunay na financial report ng federation.

Hoy, mga gung-gung. Mahiya naman kayo.

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