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Sep 22nd
Home Sections Sports The ‘Rithmetic of Manny Pacquiao’s Boxing Bouts
The ‘Rithmetic of Manny Pacquiao’s Boxing Bouts PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 09 November 2009 20:48

If readers, especially from the Philippines, think that Manny Pacquiao is earning tons of money from his Las Vegas bouts, they better think again. Yes, he has not only become the "cash cow" for Las Vegas but also a "milking cow" for vested interests both in the Philippines and in the United States.


The announced purse of Mr. Pacquiao and his share of the pay-per-view (PPV) revenues is not his take-home pay. His promoter, Top Rank, Inc. of Bob Arum, gets an unprecedented thirty-percent (30%) share from the gross revenues. Then Uncle Sam takes a bite of roughly another thirty-percent. You can read about the U. S. taxes that Mr. Pacquiao pays in the Filipino-American CPA Angel Dayan’s column,
Manny Pacquiao and Taxes


Then Mr. Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, gets his professional fee of at-least one-million dollars per fight, plus expenses for using Mr. Roach’s gym, travel expenses, etc.

Promoter Bob Arum says there's no rematch clause for the Pacquiao-Cotto bout but both fighters have extended their promotional contracts with his Top Rank, Inc.: Cotto until the end of 2011 and Pacquiao, up to November 2012. Mr. Arum, then, is one of the few promoters who permit boxers under their wing to fight each other – all for the sake of the Almighty Dollar.

Editor’s Note: To view the latest article about Bob Arum, please click on this Nov. 9, 2010, article written by Lance Pugmire in the Los Angeles Times, Bob Arum gets another big promotion

T hen there are the expenses of Mr. Pacquiao’s Filipino entourage. As Joseph Lariosa writes in his article,

Pacquiao Lives Up to His Name and Appears in Jimmy Kimmel Show, “When he (Manny Pacquiao) travels, sometimes, he has 30 buddies, doing different duties for him. He said one of them prepares his coffee, another washes his clothes while another cleans his room.”

Then Mr. Pacquiao has to pay his Filipino manager and more kibitzers. And finally, the Filipino boxer has to entertain, wine and dine, and even give casino chips and chicks (?) to, the numerous Filipino congressmen and other top officials who visit
Las Vegas, NV, every time he has a bout there. In other words, Mr. Pacquiao has become the “role model” for a Filipino milking cow, if not the equivalent of a rice granary (palabigasan).


Then when Mr. Pacquiao goes home to the Philippines, thousands more of Filipinos and the nation’s politicians take advantage of his generosity. Then there are expenses that he shoulders for fiestas, all-night parties of “wine, women and song” and what not, to use a cliché.


H ere some more data taken from J. Michael Falgoust’s sports column in the USA Today.


“Although Mayweather was part of the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) show in history when his defeat of De La Hoya in 2007 drew 2.4-million buys, this is the first time he's had to be the headliner. Before facing De La Hoya, the biggest draw in PPV history, Mayweather hasn't surpassed 400,000 buys in three previous appearances.


“On the De La Hoya-Pacquiao card, the main-event fighters raked in $26.6-million, with $20-million going to De La Hoya.


MabuhayRadio Editor’s Notes: This meant simply that Manny Pacquiao actually got $6.6-million. And Mr. Pacquiao had to pay Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, which actually promoted the fight. This was aside from the 30% share of his real promoter, Bob Arum, the owner of the Top Rank, Inc.


Here are more excerpts from Mr. Falgoust’s column:


Pacquiao won't sleep through title fight -


By J. Michael Falgoust, USA TODAY



No one will ever confuse Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Bob Arum as friends.


The ex-welterweight champion's former promoter, however, will give him this much: Mayweather's successful comeback from an almost two-year layoff last month has boosted Manny Pacquiao's Nov. 14 bout with Miguel Cotto.


"Mayweather's return has gotten people, particularly the people who follow Mayweather, energized. Those people are going to watch this fight because the winner is a potential (opponent) for Mayweather," says Arum, whose Top Rank, Inc. promotes Pacquiao and Cotto.


A month before the year's most anticipated fight, Las Vegas is almost sold out for Pacquiao-Cotto. Only about 90 high-end seats remain at the 16,500-seat MGM Grand Garden Arena ($9-million gate) and the 1,000 tickets for local closed circuit are gone.


Pacquiao is guaranteed $10-million while Cotto's take is $6.5-million. If the bout reaches 1-million pay-per-view buys, Pacquiao's take would increase to about $20-million while Cotto would draw $12-million.


Pacquiao's two-round destruction of Ricky Hatton for the junior welterweight championship in May sold just less than 900,000. Mayweather scored a unanimous decision vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, surpassing that total to reach 1-million buys to become 2009's No. 1 PPV show.


MabuhayRadio Editor’s Note: From published reports, the bout between Oscar de la Hoya and Manny Pacquiao did not sell even half of the pay-per-view (PPV) 2.4-million buys for 2007 Mayweather-De La Hoya fight.


Arum says there's no rematch clause for Pacquiao-Cotto but both fighters have extended their promotional deals; Cotto until the end of 2011 and Pacquiao, whose current deal ends in November 2010, through 2012. — J. Michael Falgoust



Y es, while Oscar de la Hoya was called the Golden Boy of the business of American boxing, Manny Pacquiao is perhaps Mr. Arum’s proverbial goose that has been laying golden eggs for him. # # #


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Last Updated on Saturday, 12 November 2011 07:47
Comments (4)
1 Monday, 09 November 2009 21:24
Aywan ko ba. Inuuto lang ng kapwa Filipino; naging katuwaan ng lahat na gunggong; kawawa naman po. Pero bakit kaawaan, gusto at enjoy naman siya, at ang kanyang boksingerong kampeon na anak. Higit sa lahat daw, maraming pera. Pang circus-tawa lang nga ang talento pero mayaman. E, e, malaking halaga iyon. Pabayaan na natin.

Pero ako, pagnapuna kong nanuod sino man sa bahay sa kanila, lipat kaagad ng estasyon. Kun hindi sa sarili nilang tv manuod. Ito, minsan...

"Comic relief lang po, Lolo. Sige na, po?" wika ng magulang na apo ko. "Ito lang po, Lolo. Please. Hindi naman kami nanunuod ng sindikatong boksing ni Manny, eh."

Aba, ang linkat na apong iri... "Oo, sige na nga. Basta, hindi siseryosohin ninyo siya. Ayaw kong makarinig ng sayaw o kanta gaya-gaya sa kanya. Sobra na iyon. At ayaw kong manuod kayo ng patayan na boksing na sports daw, maski sindikato."

"O, iha, teyka, si Noynoy, may ganyang talento din ba?"

"Si lolo naman. Mahusay naman po si Noynoy. Gusto ko po siya. Hero din po katulad ni Manny ang mga magulang niya. Ang gwapo pero kaunti na lang ang buhok. Ang layo ni Noynoy kay Dionisia. Si lolo naman. Ayaw lang po nilang pasalitain.... Bakit kaya, lolo?"

Gusto kong sagutin ng "Tama na iyong isang Comic Relief sa inyo. Isa lang." Hindi ko na itinuloy. Mura pa ang mga isipan nila.


Freeman Opinion
EDITORIAL - Sick society
(The Freeman) Updated November 10, 2009 12:00 AM

Dionisia Pacquiao is having the time of her life. From being just the mother of boxing
icon Manny Pacquiao, she has become a celebrity of her own. Famous personalities grace her parties and she is appearing in a number of television shows. She may star in her own movie soon.

But what really makes her, in the world of celebrity, a diamond in the rough? Nothing, actually. She is not, by any stretch, pretty. She dances well but is not exceptional in it. Her singing does not make her stand out. And her humor is not something you have not heard elsewhere.

So she goes back to being just the mother of Manny Pacquiao. As such, and for doing what she does, she has become a curiosity. She may be a celebrity, but still a curiosity. And that is pretty sad, especially since she has absolutely no inkling that she is.

It is sad because the consequences of being a curiosity in this country, where showbiz is as influential as religion, is to be used, exploited and manipulated. Pray tell, would Dionisia draw a second glance had she not been the mother of Manny and thus a curiosity.

Of course Dionisia is being paid handsomely from the huge profits the showbiz, media and advertising moguls make out of her being a cheerful curiosity. So in a way she is also exploiting the exploiters.

But just because everyone walks away happy does not detract from the fact that Dionisia is being made the centerpiece in the curiosity circus where decency and good taste, and thus respect for human dignity, always come at a price.
Dionisia may only seem to be enjoying it because the poor woman, who knew only hardship all her life, never had it so good than now. Like her son, she has become very recognizable. People would call out her name at every public appearance. Nothing melts like a name called.

Yet seeing her on tv having a good time, you just cannot fully have a good time with her. The inherent honesty in all of us eventually pricks our conscience and makes us feel guilty and uncomfortable. What is sick society doing to this least of God’s
2 Tuesday, 10 November 2009 07:06
Be someone's hero....!





On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Jessejose wrote:

Pareng Romy et al,

Thanks. I am sure glad somebody here on this list serve has got an open mind ... and who's not a FANATIC do-or-die fan of Pakyaw. Blind fanaticism is a dangerous thing in this country.

Of course, Pakyaw couldn't care less about patriotism or fanaticism and all the other isms. As you said, it's the "moneybag" that counts. The loot for Pakyaw this time is 13-million dollars, isn't? There's a lot of money in the pot that the mob would be interested in, that's for sure.

If this fight will be an "HONEST" fight and not dictated by the MOB, El Kuto would surely beat Pakyaw's butt and put him in dreamland. Maybe around the 9th round or earlier. We'll see on the 14th of this month. Go Kuto!

Take care now.

Pareng Jesse
3 Tuesday, 10 November 2009 12:27
If it is of any comfort to those who sympathize with Pacquiao's "financial plight" his situation is nothing unique among high-earning professional boxers.

In spite of the high but necessary "cost of doing business" for Pacquiao he is still among the top-ten richest sports figures in the world.

What ought to worry his fans is how he is managing his money during and after his boxing career. A good financial manager is as important to him as his trainers and his sports agents.

Fred Natividad
Livonia, Michigan
4 Friday, 13 November 2009 07:47

November 11, 2009 - by Chuck Johnson | Photos by Will Hart

As the promoter for both Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, Top Rank's Bob Arum has a double-vested interest in Saturday night's HBO Pay-Per-View fight (9 PM ET, $54.95) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Billed as "Fire Power," the scheduled 12-round welterweight bout features Top Rank's two biggest money-making stars and, quite understandably, the promoter would rather that neither fighter have to go down in defeat.

"Sure, it is tough to see one of my fighters beating up on another one of my fighters," Arum says, " but I am confident in this fight that these two guys are going to give a great account of themselves."

Cotto and Pacquiao are from the same Bob Arum stable. I am starting to be suspicious already. There is a right way and a wrong way to fix a fight. Doing it the delaHoya way is not a smart way to do it, i.e. fighting dehydrated and throwing only 2 or 3 punches in many of the rounds. At least Cotto must put on a decent show for credibility. Promoters can fix fights in a NOT SO obvious way. Through the power of suggestion, Arum could have spoken to Cotto this way: "look you have to fight your heart out and put on a decent show.....if you win you will earn money.....and if you lose you will earn even more money in a rematch because Pacquiao would have his 7th title then..." A Pacquiao win will make Arum a lot more money than a Cotto win.

bottom line is: I cannot imagine that Pacquiao can punch harder than Mosley who is a junior middleweight. Mosley could not knock down Cotto. Margarito could not put Cotto on the floor even with plaster wrapped hands. the referree had to stop the fight. So if Pakyaw knocks out Cotto or beat him handily, I would really be very suspicious.

PRE-FIGHT ACTIVITIES: Dancing salsa with 4 young sexy señoritas from Banco Popular whom my friend Jorge invited. But I will be mostly dancing cumbia with my girl friend (sigh!)
PRE-FIGHT DISHES: Mondongo, Seviche, Camarones en ajo, menudo, lechon al horno, platanos fritos, menudo, abondigas
PRE-FIGHT COCKTAILS and DRINKS - Mimosa, Cuba libre (PR Rhum), Long Island Ice Tea, cerveza superior


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