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Mar 31st
Home Sections The Daily B.R.E.A.D. A Biblical Vision Says the Philippines Will Lie in Fallow until 2016 and then Filipinos Will Build New Cities on Hills
A Biblical Vision Says the Philippines Will Lie in Fallow until 2016 and then Filipinos Will Build New Cities on Hills PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - The Daily B.R.E.A.D.
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 31 August 2009 14:13

And this whole land will be a desolation and an astonishment; and these nations will serve the king of Babylon 70 years. 14 Jeremiah 25



If we are to interpret the Bible, the Philippines will continue to be a nation of desolation, misery, despair and sadness until the prophetic 70 years would have elapsed. The 70-year period began in 1946 when the Philippines finally became a politically-independent country – after the United States restored its independence that it took away in 1898.


The period 1946-2016 – as the Filipino equivalent of the 70 years that “the land would lie fallow” – was confirmed when the people-powered EDSA revolution happened in 1986.

Again the Bible has this reference: “And with whom was He angry for forty years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose bodies fell in the wilderness?”   Hebrews 3:17 


The Lord gives his chosen people a chance to cleanse themselves and purge their society of evil practices and corrupt leaders at the end of every Biblical generation. Ergo, 1946 + 40 = 1986. But the Filipino people wasted their chance for redemption and many of their leaders continued on their corrupt existence and their subservience to their false gods.

Editor’s Note: This is not the first time that Bobby Reyes has written about the Biblical vision for the Philippines. In his political novel, “One Day in the Life of a Filipino Sonovabitch” (1993), he wrote of the Biblical generation as applied to the timing of the EDSA Revolution (Chapter II of Reyes’ novel, 10th paragraph, page 16).


T he Biblical “Babylon” is interpreted to mean the “Imperial Manila,” which is the hotbed of corruption and center of influence-peddling, human-rights abuses and the false gods of materialism, illegal drugs, gambling, sex and politics. 


Like the Israelis who roamed and ambled on the desert for 40 years after they fled the land of their exile, Egypt, the Filipinos – some nine-million of them – have replaced the Wandering Jews in the 21st century and some of them also went into exile in foreign lands. From the sands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East to the sands of Nevada in the United States, Overseas-Filipino workers have toiled and are still toiling, as they wait for the end of their Biblical period when their country would no longer lie in fallow. Then the Overseas Filipinos will return to their homeland, “so that the land could catch up on these missing years” (when their country did lie in fallow).


The Filipinos – whether of the Christian, Islam or of the Jewish faiths – can trace their ancestry to the house of Abraham. For the Philippines is a true melting pot. Perhaps God has ordained the Filipinos to be his chosen people for the Third Millennium. Proofs? There are now tens of thousands of Filipino men and women of the cloth who are preaching the Good News in many countries of the world. There are also thousands of Filipino teachers who are now teaching even American pupils how to speak grammatically-correct English. And how about the countless Filipino medical professionals who minister to the health of many foreigners in different lands – be they are Christian, Muslim, or Jew or of other creed and color in compliance of Jesus Christ’s teachings to heal the sick . . .


Perfect Biblical Timing

T here is the perfect timing, as ordained in the Biblical periods and points in time. Christianity was introduced to the Philippines by the Spanish expedition led by Fernando de Magallanes in 1521. The 500th anniversary of the introduction of Christianity to the Philippine archipelago will happen in 2021, or just five years after the end of the Biblical period in fallow.

Editor’s Note: To understand the impact of the Bible and biblical figures in the history of nations, please read this article from TIME magazine:


How Moses Shaped America - TIME


J ust look at the words of the prophet Daniel: “The prophets said that the land would lie fallow for 70 years so that it could catch up on all its missing Sabbath-years. (Every 7th year the land was to be left fallow, but Israel did not obey God in this so that they went into exile so that the land could catch up on these missing years.) Over a space of 490 years, exactly 70 years would have been (intended) fallow since one in every 7 years is fallow. (Seven divided into 490 is 70. See all of Daniel 9 again. The context agrees. Daniel had just finished praying about the 70 years (in) captivity when he received the revelation of the ‘70 x 7.’)


“The years and dates are arranged to agree with this ‘catch-up-of-missing-Sabbaths’ pattern. It also takes into consideration the missing 50th year of the Jubilee cycle. (That is, every 490 or 500 years there would be 10 accumulated missing un-kept jubilee years, plus the 70 regular missing Sabbath years—80 every 490 or 500 years.” 


It is forecast that the Filipino people, with the help and leadership of their overseas brethren, will accomplish from July 2016 to January 2018 – in 17.5 months – the seventy weeks that Daniel talked about.

Daniel 9:24 24:Seventy weeks are determined

For your people and for your holy city,

To finish the transgression,

To make an end of sins,

To make reconciliation for iniquity,

To bring in everlasting righteousness,

To seal up vision and prophecy,

And to anoint the Most Holy.”

A nd when the year 2021 comes, the Filipino people would then have built new settlements that will be their versions of the Biblical new “city upon a hill” – as found in Matthew 5:14 – “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden."

There is really a need to build new “cities upon hills” because chances are by the end of this century, most lowland areas would have by then been swamped by the sea because of the effects of Global Warming. This is the message that the Bible brings to the Filipinos and all the peaceful peoples of the world.

Yes, the Filipino people can never go wrong after 2016 because the Bible says so. It is their destiny as God’s chosen people to serve humanity and help in making the Earth a lot better than the world seen by Fernando de Magallanes and his crew, especially after they set foot on Philippine soil in March 1521. # # #

* Editor’s Notes: 1.) To read Part II of this series, please click on this hyperlink:

Some People Are No Longer Laughing at “A Biblical Vision of the Philippines”

2.) To contact the author, please e-mail him at


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 July 2013 14:48
Comments (7)
1 Monday, 31 August 2009 21:11
Dear Friends:

I have good news for you and our people. All our trials and tribulations will be over in 2016. All the corruption in the Philippine government and even in Overseas-Filipino organizations such as the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) are but parts of a Divinely-dictated Destiny. We must, therefore, work, pray, unseat the corrupt government-and private-sector leaders and pray more and work harder to accomplish this vision for our homeland.

Please read:
A Biblical Vision Says the Philippines Will Lie in Fallow until 2016 and then Filipinos Will Build New Cities on Hills


Please don't take my word for it. Please read the Good News and find the answers, as I did.


Lolo Bobby M. Reyes
2 Monday, 31 August 2009 21:14
Hahaha. You know, Bobby, if you read your Bible more carefully you will notice that it never deals with exact dates, only fruitions. That is why you're correct in saying that we should pray more and work harder for genuine and total transformation. That is the point of it all.

God bless!

3 Wednesday, 02 September 2009 21:30
Dear Lolo Bobby,

I had the same high hopes when I left the country for good in 1967 at
the height of the Marcos Administration but I didn't see any radical
changes in our political system until now instead it got from bad to
worse no matter who took over the administration. May God save our
country and our people!

Laon Laan
4 Tuesday, 29 September 2009 21:35
In a message dated 9/2/2009 1:23:15 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, dr_litolastillero writes:

Dear Sir Bobby,

Please, see herein-below the comments of Ms. Adeline Marie Diego, our religious counselor in the hospital in full agreement of your forecast for the motherland. I pray that that time will really come. But it does come only if the people will act by themselves and stop being a dreamer and instead proceed forward as achievers to give our country what it deserves. Everybody must be willing to sacrifice for unity so that we can reach that most welcome biblical vision that the Philippines will lie in fallow until 2016 and then Filipinos will build new cities on hills. I am inclined to believe that this prediction will really come as up to this time our people just keep on talking of change, propagating teachings and principles but never practice what the preached and never implement what they propagate. We are just plowing the fields but until now nobody is planting the seeds. My deep prayers, with hope, by 2016 all of us will start to plant the seeds we are propagating so that the next generation of Filipinos will enjoy the fruits of our toils.

The weapon for reform and change is " UNITY " where until at this point remains elusive among Filipinos.

5 Tuesday, 29 September 2009 21:37
Subject: Re: Fw: Re: A Vision: The Philippines Will Lie in Fallow until 2016 and then...
To: "Carlito Astillero" dr_litolastillero
Date: Wednesday, 2 September, 2009, 3:39 AM

Hi Doc!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful message. I always claim by faith that in God's own beautiful time, He will really bless and heal our beloved Philippines. I claim His Word in 2 Chronicles 7:14, God said, "If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." This is the blessed hope I have in Christ the reason why I never give up and never get tired of serving Him, no matter the circumstance and the season. With tears in my eyes, I pray and I claim that one day, in God's own beautiful time, He will cause all the Filipinos to open their hearts to Him and His Word. He will restore what we've lost and will bless our land abundantly. Malapit na po yan... God is able and faithful!

With love and prayers for God's richest blessings to you and your family,

Adelaine & Joel
6 Tuesday, 13 July 2010 21:34
Why Deadly Rains And Floods Are Coming

By Atty. Batas Mauricio


CLIMATE EXPERTS PREDICT MORE DEADLY RAINS AND FLOODS: Predictions and predictions are now being made to warn each and everyone of us that destructive rains and deadly floods are coming to the Philippines, but although many of them carry a scientific ring to them, they are hopelessly useless in enabling our people to avoid and to even merely cope up with the problem.

Unless and until we realize, right here and now, that rains and floods have Biblical dimensions which require looking into and adopting Biblical solutions, all these fire and fury from climate change and environment experts warning us of death and destruction through these twin natural calamities will not help anyone.

If our experts will only realize that rains and floods and even strong winds actually represent curses both from God the Father and the Son, as shown by different passages from the Holy Bible, then I am sure they will no longer ignore what this Book says about what should be done to avert the incoming death and destruction of many of us.


TWO PARTS OF THE BIBLE WHICH WARN AGAINST RAINS AND FLOODS: I will just cite two parts of the Bible which tell us that we are going to have deadly rains, floods and strong winds to prove my point. The first is the warning by Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:26 to 27, and the second is that found in Deuteronomy 28:15 in relation to Deuteronomy 28:23 to 24.

Here is what Matthew 7:26-27 says, quoting Jesus Christ: "…But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash."

Note must be made of the calamities that Jesus promised to those who are called by Him as "fools" because they hear His Word and yet do not put them into practice—rains, streams rising (which means floods) and strong winds.


NATURAL DISASTERS ARE CURSES FROM GOD: On the other hand, Deuteronomy 28:15, in relation to Deuteronomy 28:22-24, more or less promise other kinds of natural calamities which are nevertheless equally deadly.

Deuteronomy 28:15 says: "However, if you do not obey the LORD your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come upon you and overtake you…"

Deuteronomy 28:22-24 has this to say: "The LORD will strike you… with scorching heat and drought… which will plague you until you perish. The sky over your head will be bronze, the ground beneath you iron. The LORD will turn the rain of your country into dust and powder; it will come down from the skies until you are destroyed…"


GOING BACK TO GOD IS THE ONLY WEAPON AGAINST NATURAL DISASTERS: The point in these Biblical passages is that climate change and global warming, the proximate cause of the rains and the floods and the strong winds that are coming to us, represent curses from God, for one single reason: we no longer listen to Him, we no longer obey His commands and decrees.

Clearly, the solution to all of these is not just risk and disaster mitigation or management or other presumptuous human solutions. Sure, we have to do something, like preparing our people and their communities to act together when the disasters strike.

But the only real way to avoid death and destruction is to go back to God, by listening to Him through the Bible once again, and obeying His commandments. Other solutions are simply a drop in the bucket and will not do us any good. # # #
7 Wednesday, 14 July 2010 21:24
20 dead as ‘Basyang’ rips through Luzon

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 16:04:00 07/14/2010

MANILA, Philippines – At least 20 people were confirmed dead on Wednesday after Typhoon “Basyang” (international codename: Conson) ripped across the Philippines, sweeping shanties into the sea and bringing the nation's capital to a standstill.

Basyang hit the country late on Tuesday before pummelling the densely populated main island of Luzon throughout the night with maximum gusts of 120 kilometres (74 miles) an hour.

"The wind howled like a child screaming," said Rigor Sambol, 52, a father of six who lives in a coastal shanty town on the outskirts of Manila that was partly destroyed.

“It was so strong, our houseboat nearly got flipped over. I had to take the children one by one to a nearby gym where they spent the evening on the cold floor.”

Some of the flimsy slum homes erected by squatters along the coast were swept away entirely, leaving the shocked residents to scavenge scrap wood to build makeshift shelters, according to an Agence France-Presse reporter there.

Authorities said 20 people had been confirmed killed, including two squatters from a vast lakeside shanty town near Manila who were crushed when their homes collapsed.

Eleven fishermen were also missing, while three other people were unaccounted for south of the capital after flooding swept away their shanties, according to the military.

With communication systems down amid the chaos of the typhoon's aftermath, disaster relief officials said they were still trying to determine the extent of the damage and there were concerns the death toll could rise.

Electricity was knocked out throughout Luzon, including Manila, where fallen tree branches and other debris littered the streets on Wednesday.

Power company Meralco (Manila Electric Company) said more than 90 percent of Manila's 12 million residents remained without power on Wednesday afternoon.

The national energy transmission company warned that power supplies may not be restored in some areas of Manila and neighbouring regions for up to four days.

The capital's overhead railway system was also shut down due to the power outage, while the government closed down primary and high schools.

For workers in office towers that were relying on back-up generators, it was still difficult to make telephone calls on both landline and mobile networks, while Internet services were also interrupted.

Basyang blew past Luzon and into the South China Sea on Wednesday morning, but aviation services remained backlogged in the afternoon as airport authorities scrambled to make up for earlier cancellations.

The Philippines is in the so-called typhoon belt of the Pacific. Up to 20 typhoons sweep through the country each year, killing hundreds of people.

Basyang was the first of the season, and its ferocity took many people in Manila by surprise after the state weather service said the typhoon would only strike provinces to the north of the capital.

President Benigno Aquino III let rip at the state weather service for not warning Manila's residents that Basyang would hit the city.

"This is not acceptable," Aquino told red-faced weather service officials at an emergency meeting of rescue agencies.

"We rely on you to tell us where the potential problems are.

"All the agencies have adequately met their responsibilities at this point in time but your information is sorely lacking. We have had this problem for quite a long time."

The ill-equipped Philippine weather service came in for criticism in September last year when it failed to warn the residents of Manila about the threat from Tropical Storm “Ondoy” (international codename: Ketsana), which killed 464 people

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