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Nov 29th
Home Sections The Daily B.R.E.A.D. Nov 10, 2009 - Tuesday Meditation (Sacrificial, Generous, and Selfless Love)
Nov 10, 2009 - Tuesday Meditation (Sacrificial, Generous, and Selfless Love) PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - The Daily B.R.E.A.D.
Friday, 06 November 2009 03:05

W hat makes our offering pleasing to God is the love we express in the gift of self-giving. True love is sacrificial, generous, and selfless.


Memorial of St. Leo the Great

Wisdom 2:23–3:9

Psalm 34:2-3, 16-17, 18-19

L uke 17:7-10 "Will any one of you, who has a servant plowing or keeping sheep, say to him when he has come in from the field, `Come at once and sit down at the table'? (8) Will he not rather say to him, `Prepare supper for me, and gird yourself and serve me, till I eat and drink; and afterward you shall eat and drink'? (9) Does he thank the servant because he did what was commanded? (10) So you also, when you have done all that is commanded you, say, `We are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our duty.'"


Meditation by Don Schwager

A re you ready to give the Lord your best, regardless of what it might cost you? Perhaps we are like the laborer in Jesus' parable who expected special  favor and reward for going the extra mile? How unfair for the master to compel his servant to give more than what was expected! Don't we love to assert our rights: "I will give only what is required and no more!" But who can satisfy the claims of love? Jesus used this parable of the dutiful servant to explain that we can never put God in our debt or make the claim that God owes us something. We must regard ourselves as God's servants, just as Jesus came "not to be served, but to serve" (Matthew
20:28). Service of God and of neighbor is both a voluntary or free act and a sacred duty. One can volunteer for service or be compelled to do service for one's country or one's family when special needs arise. Likewise, God expects us to give him the worship and praise which is his due. And he gladly accepts the  free-will offering of our lives to him and to his service. What makes our offering pleasing to God is the love we express in the gift of self-giving. True love is sacrificial, generous, and selfless.


How can we love others selflessly and unconditionally? Scripture tells us that God himself is love (1 John 4:16) because he is the author of life and source of all relationships. He created us in love for love and he fills our hearts with the boundless love that gives whatever is good for the sake of another (Romans 5:5). If we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us (1 John 4:12). God honors the faithful servant who loves and serves others generously. He is ever ready to work in and through us for his glory. We must remember, however, that God can never be indebted to us. We have no claim on him. His love compels us to give him our best! And when we have done our best, we have simply done our duty. We can never outmatch God in doing good and showing love. God loves us without measure. Does the love of God compel you to give your best?


"Lord Jesus, fill my heart with love, gratitude and generosity. Make me a faithful and zealous servant for you. May I generously pour out my life in loving service for you and for others, just as you have so generously poured yourself out in love for me."



Supplementary Reading



Who among you, if your son or ox falls into a cistern, would not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day? --- Luke 14:5


My two nephews, aged 11 and 7, were circumcised recently. I had scheduled a meeting at the same time as their surgery. But my brother asked his eldest son, Dave, if he wanted me to be there for them during the operation. Trying to act like a big boy while being betrayed by his trembling lips, Dave said yes. I postponed my meeting.

The days afterward were difficult for the boys. During early mornings and throughout the day, one of them would cry out in pain, “Ouch, ouch, ouch.” Or when the pain got worse, they’d cry out “Daddy! Daddy! Where’s my daddy?!”

One night when my brother was out, I was left to comfort them, pitying their difficult state. I realized how our Heavenly Father must feel when we cry out in pain. If I felt moved by the plight of my little nephews, how much more must He feel when He seesus in pain and suffering? And If I wanted to do all in my power to help them, how much more must He feel towards us?

When we want to rage against heaven for our circumstances, let’s remind ourselves that God shares our pain. He even came down to be with us. --- Joy Sosoban



Do I blame the Lord when life becomes difficult?


Heavenly Father, forgive me for the times that I have been angry with You for my circumstances. Enable me to see Your love for me even in those circumstances.



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