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Sep 28th
Home Community The White House The White House Announces its Regional Finalists for the 2009-2010 Class of Fellows
The White House Announces its Regional Finalists for the 2009-2010 Class of Fellows PDF Print E-mail
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Communities - The White House
Wednesday, 04 March 2009 12:27

T he White House announced today that 108 outstanding men and women from across the country have been selected as Regional Finalists for the White House Fellows Program. Founded in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson, the White House Fellows Program is the nation's most prestigious program for leadership and public service.

This year's Regional Finalists represent a broad cross-section of professions, including technology, education, health care, state government, engineering, business, consulting, law, the non-profit sector, and the military. A complete list of the Regional Finalists is included below.


D uring March and April 2009, Regional Finalists will participate in a rigorous interview process. Based on the results of these interviews, approximately thirty candidates will be named National Finalists. The President's Commission on White House Fellowships will interview the National Finalists in June 2009 and then recommend candidates to President Barack Obama for a one-year appointment as White House Fellows.


White House Fellows spend a year working as full-time, paid special assistants to senior White House Staff, Cabinet Secretaries and other top-ranking government officials. Fellows also participate in an education program consisting of roundtable discussions with renowned leaders from the private and public sectors and trips to study U.S. policy in action both domestically and internationally.


Selection as a White House Fellow is highly competitive and based on a record of remarkable professional achievement early in one's career, evidence of leadership potential, a proven commitment to public service, and the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute successfully at the highest levels of the Federal government. Fellowships are awarded on a strictly non-partisan basis. The program has fostered a legacy of leadership, with nearly 600 alumni who are respected leaders. Alumni include former Secretary of State Colin Powell, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Travelocity CEO Michelle Peluso, and Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert.


The 2009-2010 White House Fellows Regional Finalists:


Chisaraokwu N. Asomugha           Hamden, CT

Laura M. Bacon                                Cambridge, MA

Andrew J. Baldwin                           Washington, DC

Komal Bazaz Smith                         Arlington, VA

Scott A. Berkowitz                            Columbia, MD

Trevor P. Blair                                  San Diego, CA

Eric H. Blinderman                          New York, NY

Jeremy N. Block                               Durham, NC

Christina Boiler                                New York, NY

Jacquelyn R. Bonner                       Washington, DC

Sudip K. Bose                                  Chicago, IL

Nicole E. Campbell                         Brooklyn, NY

Dimitri C. Cassimatis                     Landstuhl, Germany

Robert C. Castelli                            Southern Pines, NC

Sreekanth K. Chaguturu                 Boston, MA

Carolyn N. Choi                                Los Altos, CA

Aysha A. Chowdhry                          Chevy Chase, MD

Bowen Chung                                   Santa Monica, CA

David W. Cooper                              Waldorf, MD

Chad A. Crank                                  Little Rock, AR

Gery B. Cummings                          Manhattan, KS

Luqman K. Dad                                Buffalo, NY

Amar A. Desai                                   Westlake Village, CA

Kyle W. Dietrich                                 Southlake, TX

John E. Ethridge                               Alexandria, VA

Jose M. Fernandez                           San Francisco, CA

Jonathan J. Finer                              New Haven, CT

Theodore S. Fish                              Santa Fe, NM

Eric T. Fleckten                                  Kirkville, NY

David C. Foley                                   Clarksville, TN

Daniel P. Gallagher                          Havertown, PA

Rebekah E. Gee                                Philadelphia, PA

Elisha P. Gilliam                               Baltimore, MD

Victor J. Glover                                   Ridgecrest, CA

Shawn-Pavan M. Golhar                  Santa Monica, CA

John T. Green                                    San Diego, CA

Peter F. Halvorsen                            Norfolk, VA

Kenneth E. Harbaugh                      Hamden, CT

Sarah A. Harris                                  Indianapolis, IN

Garry A. Harsanyi                              Princeton, NJ

Alexander J. Hartemink                   Durham, NC

Kellie M. Hawkins                            Los Angeles, CA

Michael J. Hillyard                           Jacksonville, FL

Zheng Y. Huang                               San Jose, CA

Ellen C. Hunter                                Atlanta, GA

Erica L. Jacquez Santos                 Lakewood, CA

Kellee T. James                               Chicago, IL

Sarah S. Johnson                            Cambridge, MA

Timothy Johnson                             Crofton, MD

Joanna T. Katzman                         Abuja, Nigeria

Moushumi M. Khan                         Ann Arbor, MI

Maureen E. Kinder                          Washington, DC

Michael E. Kopko                            Fort Lauderdale, FL

Robert E. Kopp                                Princeton, NJ

Benjamin L. Kornell                        Palo Alto, CA

Emma L. Kurnat-Thoma                Bethesda, MD

H Clay Lyle                                        Woodbridge, VA

Robert K. Lyman                              Niceville, FL

James H. Mackey                             Brussels, Belgium

Anish P. Mahajan                             Los Angeles, CA

Mehret Mandefro                              Philadelphia, PA

Brett H. Mandel                                 Philadelphia, PA

Ann T. Maxwell                                 Santa Barbara, CA

Loren Z. McArthur                            Lexington, MA

Matthew Meyer                                 Brooklyn, NY

Emil G. Michael                               Miami Beach, FL

Suzanne M. Miller                            Washington, DC

Lisa K. Miller                                    South Orange, NJ

Kristin E. Misner                              New York, NY

James H. Moran                              Washington, DC

Katherine Mossman                       Palmdale, CA

Ali Nouri                                            Washington, DC

James E. O'Harrah                         Fernandina Beach, FL

Patrick H. O'Mahoney                     Corpus Christi, TX

Collin P. O'Mara                               Berkeley, CA

Abimbola T. Omoniyi                      New York, NY

Obinna A. Onyeagoro                     New York, NY

Brandon D. Parker                          Montgomery, AL

Allen J. Pepper                                Springfield, VA

Omar M. Rashid                              Richmond, VA

Kyle A. Rasmussen                        Mason, OH

Kristin A. Resnansky                      New York, NY

Kendric H. Robbins                        Iraq

Cindy L. Rodriguez                         Lutz, FL

Allison I. Rogers                             Providence, RI

Matthew A. Rojansky                      Washington, DC

Adam R. Rosenthal                       San Diego, CA

Mark A. Rothert                               Canton, IL

Anthony L. Russell                         Stafford, VA

Manish K. Sethi                               Brookline, MA

Minesh P. Shah                               Bronx, NY

Raj M. Shah                                      Philadelphia, PA

Rachel G. Skerritt                            Roxbury, MA

Brooke K. Stearns Lawson            Venice, CA

Marc S. Sternberg                            New York, NY

Maura C. Sullivan                             Palo Alto, CA

Scott A. Suozzi                                  Washington, DC

Brian K. Surratt                                 Seattle, WA

Natasha Tarpley                               Chicago, IL

Adam R. Taylor                                 Washington, DC

Presiliano R. Torrez                         Albuquerque, NM

Christopher J. Voorhees                 Altadena, CA

Chris E. Wallace                               Irving, TX

Michael E. Webber                           Austin, TX

Laura I. Weinbaum                          Philadelphia, PA

Sonia A. Zeledon                              Washington, DC

Wei Lily Zhou                                    Sparta, TN

David E. Zipper                                 Brooklyn, NY



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