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Sep 30th
Home Columns Tremendous Trifles
Tremendous Trifles

Tremendous Trifles - by Ben Sanchez

Please meet Conrado “Ben” Sanchez, Jr., who at age 79, becomes our second most-seasoned writer.

Mr. Sanchez was the first Professional Economist to come out of De La Salle College. He earned graduate degrees in Economics from the University of Notre Dame and Yale University.

While supervising the Export Department of the Board of Investments, Governor Sanchez helped boost non-traditional exports which doubled every two and a half years during his term.

Today, exports of manufactures make up 87 per cent of total Philippine exports.

He spent the remaining sixteen years of his career in the UN system advancing the cause of small-scale enterprises in 33 developing countries. 

Governor Sanchez regularly sends e-mails to a group of friends, especially those who live abroad. Many of the stuff that he sends to his friends are about the Philippines – articles, news items, historical notes, even unique Filipino jokes. He occasionally writes articles about the Philippine economy (for he is an economist by profession).

He writes also to newspaper editors about happenings they report on. Our new columnist intends to provide our readers the materials about the Philippines and Filipinos that he e-mails his friends.

He is very choosy about the articles that he forwards because he keeps in mind that the subject should be of major importance.

Governor Sanchez can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . He welcomes readers' feedbacks as hearing from readers interest him a lot.

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