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Sep 24th
Home Columns Unsolicited Advice Filipino Americans Are No Longer “Misters Nice Guys” (Part II)
Filipino Americans Are No Longer “Misters Nice Guys” (Part II) PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Unsolicited Advice
Tuesday, 27 May 2008 01:06

  Former President Ramos addressed a small gathering of Filipino Americans in National City (San Diego County). – Romeo P. Marquez

There is so much disappointment among Filipino Americans in the national leadership of the Philippines. Many Filipinos in the United States have been cynical of the homeland’s leadership that few of them now attend free functions hosted by organizations for visiting Filipino dignitaries. Take the case of former President Fidel V. Ramos, who was recently in San Diego, California. According to journalist Romeo P. Marquez, the visit of ex-President Ramos was not a well-attended function.

Here is what Mr. Marquez wrote: "The order is, 'Please don't die'," he repeated, putting a smile on the faces of those present at a small gathering Wednesday (May 21) at the office of the Council of Philippine American Organizations (COPAO) in National City, which Mr. Ramos visited as part of a 16-day trip to the United States.”

To read Mr. Marquez’s report about the visit of the former Philippine President,

please click on this link:

Ex-President Ramos Visits with San Diego’s Fil-Am Veterans

The San Diego visit of former President Ramos is not the first time that his functions have not generated a sufficient number of Filipino-American guests or participants. Nearly a year ago, Mr. Ramos was in Los Angeles and his meeting with community leaders and the Filipino press attracted a motley crowd that did not fill up half of the Philippine Consulate General’s Rizal Hall. The attendance was less than 75 persons.

For details of the May 26, 2007, “Pulong Bayan” held by ex-President Ramos

at the Philippine consulate in Los Angeles, please click on this link:

MabuhayRadio to Meet with ex-President Ramos in L.A.

Yes, Filipino Americans no longer show the customary courtesy to visiting celebrities. Whereas before, community leaders would take advantage of photo ops with visiting Filipino dignitaries, now many of them simply refuse to attend the functions. Yes, many Filipino Americans now do not relish the role of a Mr. Nice Guy, who attends functions, stand up for ovations and cheer visiting dignitaries. Why the lack of zest?

Some Filipino Americans claim that Mr. Ramos’s record as a Filipino Chief Executive has been beset by scandals. One such scandal is the so-called PEA-Amari: The Grandmother of all or at this hyperlink

Filipino Americans know also the multibillion-peso Philippine Centennial Exposition scandal at the former Clark Air Force Base and which has been blamed on the now-departed former Philippine Vice President Salvador “Doy” Laurel. Of course, many Filipino Americans, especially those coming from the Province of Batangas, believe that Dr. Laurel, who was then the national chairman of the Philippine Independence Centennial Commission, was made an escape goat.

There is also the scandal about the sale of the major parcels in Fort Bonifacio, which past Presidents intended as affordable-housing sites in Fort Bonifacio for enlisted men, non-commissioned officers and officers of the Philippine Armed Forces. The said sites were sold during the Ramos presidency to real-estate developers, including companies with foreign equity.

  Eddie Ramos now serves as Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's court jester. – Ado Paglinawan

Mr. Adolfo Paglinawan, a Washington, DC-based writer, exemplifies the now-typical negative reaction of many Filipino-American community leaders insofar as treating visiting Philippine present and former national leaders. While many are as not as vocal as Mr. Paglinawan, many express the same sentiments in private gatherings and even in official meetings of their town, provincial, alumni or trade associations.

Here is what Mr. Paglinawan posted in the Users’ Comments after Mr. Marquez’s article:

“Eddie Ramos' best contribution to the veteran cause was appointing General Nanadiego, his relative, as veterans-affairs’ officer of the Philippine Embassy.

“(General) Nanadiego sat on his ass most of the time, went around delivering filibusters that meant nothing to Filvets’ groups all over the US to justify his traveling expenses and fat allowances, evict volunteers in the Embassy who started there when the late Ambassador Jimenez was incumbent and worst of all, quarrel with in-place Filvet lobbyists who started their work as early as the Marcos days.

“(Former President) Ramos' appointee served for six years, accomplishing virtually nothing but waste his budget.

“Eddie Ramos now serves as Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's court jester.” # # #

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