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Sep 29th
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GMA’s Desperate Housewives PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Women's Section
Thursday, 04 October 2007 05:13

Part VI of "Should We Do Desperate Moves About the Supposed "Desperate Housewives" Slur on RP's Med Schools?"

There are many cities and towns in the Philippines where Filipino women, including housewives, are in desperate financial situation. Most especially in the Greater Manila Area (GMA), many women, including desperate housewives, are applying for foreign jobs, so as to meet the economic needs of their respective families. Foreign job-placement agencies and employers take advantage of the Overseas-Filipino woman workers (OFWWs) and many of them land unwittingly in dangerous jobs. And yet, the Filipino people, including the Overseas Filipinos, hardly protest the abuses being suffered by the OFWWs, some of whom are raped and killed by criminals or some of their employers in the foreign countries where they work. Our "Women’s Section " contains articles that describe, for instance, how Filipino women and other Southeast-Asian girls, have become Japan’s modern-day "Comfort Women." We have written the fact that very few among our people, including our supposed activists and woman-liberation leaders, make a protest to the Japanese government.

Well, some of you must have wondered at first glance if our use of "GMA" referred to the initials of the Philippine President. We are sorry if some of you thought that we used the President’s initials as a ploy to get your attention.

But speaking of the Philippine President, this writer also addressed H.E. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) in the first article that appeared in this web site’s "Women’s Section." The article said that we found it hard to believe that the President, who is also a mother and a grandmother at that, would tolerate the abuses that the OFWWs suffer. To read the article again, please go to

We at the suggest that the fast-and-furious, if not also fiery-and-fierce, reaction of many Overseas Filipinos, especially Filipino Americans, to the "Desperate Housewives" TV-show brouhaha should be emulated in dealing with the problems that our Filipino homeland faces. And we are not alone in this position.

One Overseas Filipino (who goes by the screen name, adebrux posted in several e-forums this sobering thought:

QUOTE. But she didn't according to Sassy who published her exact lines. It was more a slur on Philippine medical schools it seems and not on Filipino healthcare professionals. Guys, I do believe better to galvanize efforts against corruption including in our educational system to show world that we are not what you guys believe the world perceives our education system to be.

Re-calibrate and take GMA to task for the state of our education – the nurses-exams cheating has reverberated around the world for instance, so instead of going around like desperate housewives, take GMA to task!

Geez, let's not be over sensitive over TV trivia. UNQUOTE.

Yes, the Overseas-Filipino World, especially Filipino Americans, should focus more their attention to solving the problems of the Filipino people, rather than deal with an offensive joke on the boob tube. Let our Filipino diplomats handle (as they have adequately handled) the protest to the ABC Network, which has already apologized.

Yes, the ABC Network and for that matter the American mainstream media have heard the Filipino protest and anger loud and clear. Now, if only we can make the same orchestrated and concentrated voices of protest to the Japanese Government in the matter of our long-suffering "Japayukis" and the modern-day "Comfort Women" in Japan . . . # # #

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Last Updated on Saturday, 24 November 2007 15:06

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