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Oct 04th
Home Sections Womens Section The Monumental Modern-day Filipino Holocaust
The Monumental Modern-day Filipino Holocaust PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Women's Section
Monday, 10 September 2007 10:46

This writer penned a story about the "’Filipino-American Holocaust" during World-War II. "It is a story that remains basically untold to the American public. ‘One-million Filipinos -- out of a total population of 18 million – died in the (World War II) struggle.’ Journalists Paul Richter and Jim Mann reported this fact in the Los Angeles Times, Nov. 13, 1994, issue, page A6. The one-million Filipinos who died during the Second World War were American nationals. Many of them, Filipino nationals of America, died while they fought for democracy and for the wartime interests of the United States." To read the complete article, please go to

The deaths of one-million Filipinos during World War II occurred in just over four years (from December 1941 to June 1945). There is happening today a bigger modern-day Filipino Holocaust. It is the Holocaust of the Unborn. Did you know that there are at least 400,000 abortions per year being done in the Philippines?  Not counted here are those that are considered "chemical abortions," which refer to taking the-morning-after-contact pills, and/or even the "damung makabuhay" sold at the side of the Quiapo Church, ironically. There are also the abortions being done by the hilot (local equivalent of the Certified Nursing Assistant or midwife).

The number of abortions keeps on growing each year as more and more young girls become "ladies of the night." Many Filipino women now work as GROs (Guest-Relations Officers, the new euphemism for prostitutes), bar girls, hostesses, models and to top it all, as "Japayukis" in the red-light districts of Japan. Some of these "Japayukis" go back to have abortions in the homeland and then return to Japan to continue on with their nefarious work.

For a country that is supposedly the only Catholic (Christian) country in Asia, almost half-a-million abortions each year represent a mockery of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The abortions highlight also the hypocrisy of the country’s leaders many of whom finished their education in exclusive Catholic schools. But then as this writer has written before, not all Catholics are Christians.

Perhaps the country’s abortions create a bad karma for its citizens and leaders. Perhaps this modern-day Filipino Holocaust is one of the major causes for the growing social problems brought about by mainly economic reasons.

The least that God-fearing Filipinos could do is that if they know anybody who is contemplating on having an abortion, help her and offer alternatives (adoption or keeping the baby). We must help save a life.  Better still, ask her to contact (in the Metro Manila area in the Philippines) a Pregnancy Crisis Center (PCC) at these phone numbers: 735-9718 or 722-4195 or by e-mail at The PCCs are run by the Pro-Life Philippines, which maintains this web site,


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