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May 30th
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his section is dedicated to the efforts of some Overseas-Filipino communities to form a strategic alliance with progressive-minded national-and-regional political parties to contest the May 2016 and future local and national elections in the Philippines. The is under construction. It will be the website to promote the turning of Philippine elections into a peaceful but revolutionary exercise of suffrage by the voters, of the voters and for the voters, in particular, and the Filipino people, in general. Starting September 1, 2015, this website will now solicit donations from Overseas-Filipino community leaders and Overseas-Filipino workers (who are either Filipino citizens or Dual citizens) to help fund the "ReVOTElution of Hope" starting in Sorsogon, which will be the pilot province of a 25-year program to change for the better the socio-economic and political conditions in the Philippines. This website will now publish a Pay-pal link to receive such financial support from the ReVOTElution's supporters. Full accountability and transparency will be strictly observed.

The donors who are not Filipino citizens or Dual citizens of the Philippines and a foreign country may still contribute but their donations will be turned over, as documented, to Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Philippines that are engaged in reforestation, providing social services and other exemplary goals.

Donations are fully refundable in 10 working days upon proper request of the donors to the webmaster of this website or to Bobby M. Reyes. Refund requests may be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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1 Sorsogon Is Lolo Bobby’s and his Friends’ “Five O’Clock’s Somewhere” Bobby M. Reyes 3620
2 Overseas Filipinos Will Ask Philippine Presidential Candidates to Condemn the Sale of Government Assets by Gloria Arroyo Bobby M. Reyes 3786
3 ADB and Alunan Are Wrong: The Overseas Filipinos Can Lead RP to the 21st Century and Beyond Bobby M. Reyes 3606
4 Filipinos Urged to Start Tax “Revolt” by Wearing VATman or VATwoman Masks on April 15th Bobby M. Reyes 3780
5 The Non-traditional Arithmetic of the 2010 National Elections (Part Two) Bobby M. Reyes 3554
6 The Traditional Arithmetic of the 2010 National Elections (Part One) Nat John Duenas 3734
7 Former President Ramos Replies to EDSA-Evolution Proposal: It Is Worth the Wait Bobby Reyes 4387
8 Reinventing the EDSA into an “Economic-Development & Social-Advancement” Evolution Bobby Reyes 4999
9 An Overseas-Filipino Political Party’s Rx for the "Great Economic Depression" in the Philippines Bobby Reyes 8973
10 Funding the Filipino Socioeconomic-Empowerment Fight (and the "ReVOTElution of Hope") Bobby Reyes 4009
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