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Dec 02nd
Home Sections Revotelution Former President Ramos Replies to EDSA-Evolution Proposal: It Is Worth the Wait
Former President Ramos Replies to EDSA-Evolution Proposal: It Is Worth the Wait PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Monday, 16 March 2009 14:25

T hrough the efforts of Ms. Amina Rasul, former President Fidel V. Ramos has replied to a “love letter” that a Southern California-based coalition sent to the then Philippine President on Nov. 21, 1993. Well, it has taken 15 years, three months and 16 days for Mr. Ramos to reply. Ms. Amina is the chairperson of the Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy.

Counting next from May 20, 2006, when we sent another “love letter” to former President Ramos during his visit to Los Angeles, his reply came after two years, nine months and 25 days.

It is quite possible that until Ms. Amina Rasul brought it to the attention of Mr. Ramos, his staff then at the Office of the President and/or the Ramos Peace and Development Foundation never bothered to submit it to him for his perusal. But it is worth the wait, as former President Ramos replied in his own handwriting to a hardcopy edition of an article in the entitled, Reinventing the EDSA into an “Economic-Development & Social-Advancement” Evolution 

We sent not only to then President Ramos our ideas on how to “reinvent” the EDSA Revolution but also how the Philippines could be able to repay its foreign debts and undertake fundamental structural reforms for the homeland. So far, only President Ramos has replied. Former Presidents Cory Cojuangco-Aquino and Joseph Ejercito Estrada and the incumbent President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo have chosen to disregard all the coalition’s “love letters,” some of which are posted in the

T oday, upon receiving an advance online copy of former President Ramos’ reply, this author sent an e-mail of acknowledgment and more. Here is another “love letter” to Mr. Ramos: 

March 16, 2009

His Excellency

Former President Fidel V. Ramos

Ramos Peace and Development Foundation

Makati City, Philippines

Through Ms. Mae Gaffud            

Deputy Executive Director 

Dear Your Excellency:


hank you for answering finally our love letter. As the Tagalog adage says, "Huli man daw at magaling, mai-hahabol din." Will Your Excellency permit us to reproduce your handwritten comments -- as per attached document -- in our website, which is now the leading Filipino-American online publication in the United States?

We wish to inquire if Your Excellency and Mrs. Ramos can possibly visit Los Angeles, CA, any time from Aug. 7-17, 2009, as we will be having the First Overseas-Filipino Summit, which will be piggy-backed between two Filipino-American exposition-trade shows at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds (Aug. 8-9) and the Los Angeles Convention Center (Aug.15-16).

Perhaps with Your Excellency's support, we can launch the "Economic Development and Social Advancement" (EDSA) Evolution -- as an international movement at the said Overseas-Filipino Summit, with the Ramos Peace and Development Foundation and the Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy handling in trust the development funds that we intend to raise from Overseas-Filipino communities and American Friends of the Philippines -- on a year-round basis.

The First Overseas-Filipino Summit will also launch formally the "American-Philippine Public-Affairs Council (APPAC)," which is patterned after the "American-Israel Public Affairs Council." Heading the APPAC are Ernesto Gange of Philadelphia, PA, (interim chair), Nonoy Mendoza of Washington, DC, and Tonie Sison of Las Vegas, NV (interim co-chairs).

If Your Excellency will accept in principle our invitation, then we will work with your staff about the Summit agenda and travel arrangements. We have invited also Sen. Nene Pimentel and Ms. Amina Rasul to co-chair a Conference on Mindanao at the said Summit.

We have invited also Sen. Dick Gordon as the president of the Philippine National Red Cross to be the keynote speaker of a Conference on Social Services at the said Summit. This conference will be co-chaired by another troika, consisting of Dr. Joy Bruce of the NANAY, Inc., Dr. Abraham Rasul, Jr., of the Aid for Mindanao and Mr. Bing de la Vega of the Philippine Disaster Relief Organization (PeDRO). It may interest you also to know that Mr. De la Vega is a former president of the Pangasinan Brotherhood of America.

Lastly, we are happy to inform you that we will read your answer to our love letter tomorrow during the Fifth Philippine Presidents' Day (PPD). I started the PPD in 2005 and it is held every March 17th, which is the death anniversary of President Ramon Magsaysay. The PPD is a very simple ceremony, which consists of a memorial mass for all deceased Philippine Presidents and prayers for the living Philippine Presidents for their continued good health and peace of mind. Then some community leaders tell of personal narratives that they experienced with any of the Philippine Presidents. Ultimately, we hope to build Philippine Presidential Libraries at the Philippine Centers in the United States and at the hometowns of all the Philippine Presidents, with the consent and assistance of their respective families. The event will be held tomorrow at its permanent home in Southern California, which is the Social Hall of the Filipino-American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA), which will eventually be converted into another Philippine Center. (Editor's Note: The proposed "First Overseas-Filipino Summit" was not held, as almost all of the invited speakers declined or did not reply to the invitation.)

Thank you again, Mr. President, for your continued passion for the progress of our people,


Very respectfully yours, 

Bobby M. Reyes


and Cofounder & Interim Secretary General,

American-Philippine Public-Affairs Council 

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Comments (1)
1 Thursday, 19 March 2009 11:18
In a message dated 3/19/2009 11:38:42 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Lolo Bobby,

I read with interest your recent postings re President Fidel Ramos. Yes, his views can re-awaken, with your added gusto, a reawakening of the enthusiasm, inspiration and virtues needed for what I wrote before, the "Renaissance of the Philippines." It can be launched by Filipinos overseas, especially in the USA.

Lourdes Ceballos
Chicago, Illinois

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