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May 25th
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A Partial Book Review of Maggie Haberman's Coming Best Seller.

Ms. Haberman's new book alleges that while President Trump was in office, White-House staffers regularly discovered wads of printed paper clogging the POTUS toilet bowl.

But is there truth to the rumor that then-President Trump flushed pieces of top-secret paper and documents to hide his secrets? Readers may find the answers in her forthcoming book, "Confidence Man."

Maggie Haberman perhaps may include the reported rumors in this satire in a sequel to her new book, "Confidence Man." Like ...
* Is there truth to another rumor that then-POTUS Trump was actually a very-frugal man and that he "recycled" presidential papers and top-secret and classified documents to minimize government-purchases of toiletries?

* Is there also truth to the other rumor that top Russian diplomats that visited then-President Trump were allowed to use the POTUS toilet? And of course, they had to use the recycled toilet top-secret papers for their personal hygiene?

* Is there truth also to the next rumor that soon the Trump business organization will manufacture new toiletry products? That the top (pun intended) of the line will be a toilet paper with this trademark, "Trump's Toilet-Of-the President (TOP) SECRET Paper"? It comes reportedly with the face of the former president printed on the toilet paper, so that Trump critics and detractors, especially Democrats, will of course buy a lot of it. Why? Because every time the buyers use it, they will have a feeling of smearing his face with their waste. Yes, a very-clever marketing strategy.

* And finally, is there truth also to the rumor that Ms. Haberman's book sequel will be called "The Fart of the Deal"?

-- "TODAY's TRUMP SATIRE" was published first in the Coconut News Network Facebook Group:
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  • mabuhay : Let's all stay safe, vaccinated and healthy in 2022. Have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year, Dear Readers and Friends.
  • mabuhay : Time to "Reinvent" U.S.-PH Relations on Veterans' Days" at «link» "American & Filipino Decision Makers Must Reexamine US-PH Relations & Geopolitics in China Sea & Fil-Am Clout."
  • mabuhay : Pls. read: "It Is Time to "Reinvent" the U.S.-PH Relations on Memorial and Veterans' Days" at «link»
  • mabuhay : IMHO this is the best analysis of what is happening in the Braves-Dodgers games for the National League Championship Series. Pls read this great article penned by Bradford Doolittle, an ESPN staffwriter: «link»
  • mabuhay : Pls read "The Straphanger" column of Bobby M. Reyes in the PH Daily Mirror of NYC. Thank you, Dear Readers.
  • mabuhay : RE: "Parish of the Future." The church (or any place of worship of any religion) must not only be a temple for spiritual matters but also must address the basic needs of its parishioners (or members). For want of a better name, this column dubs it the "Back-to-Basics Church (or Temple or Synagogue or Mosque)." «link»
  • mabuhay : The "ReVOTElution" proposes to use the pork-barrel funds of some U.S.$16.5-billion (spelled with a "B") -- being received annually by the Philippine Congress and the Office of the President -- in bankrolling Student Loan Funds and other pro-people better initiatives. Like helping Filipino nursing, medical and engineering students to finish their studies in North America or Europe or other developed countries, so that they can qualify to take their Board exams and easily work at the state or pro
  • mabuhay : RE: CA RECALL. Pls remember this adage: "NEVER CHANGE HORSES IN MID-STREAM." It's the most-advisable and-prudent act to do in the trying times of a pandemic. «link»
  • mabuhay : FYI. The Philippine Daily Mirror of NYC has published Part VI of the "ReVOTElution of H.O.P.E." series. Part VI: "How OFW/OF Nations Can Save Filipinos From Themselves and Their Leaders" has been published at this link: «link»
  • mabuhay : "The Fourth of July Must Be Proclaimed (also as) the 'Fil-Am Interdependence Day'.” This piece is principally meant for Americans of Filipino descent and the descendants of American veterans and/or bureaucrats that saw action or served in the Philippines. And for Americans that are Friends of Filipinos. They must read this series with their Thinking Caps on. «link»

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