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Sep 30th
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako At the GS-20 Summit Meeting, Michelle O. Takes Center Stage
At the GS-20 Summit Meeting, Michelle O. Takes Center Stage PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Friday, 03 April 2009 18:49

P resident Barack Obama and wife, Michelle, are in London this week for the GS-20 summit meeting of world leaders.  And though Mr. Obama is THE man on the world stage, it’s First Lady Michelle who seems to be the center of attraction … the most-watched and the most-written about in tabloids and newspapers here in America and overseas. 


They said she didn’t curtsy to the Queen.  They said she physically touched the Queen, that she hugged the Queen, which is a no-no from a “commoner.”  Unprecedented and all.  Yakity-yak….                               


I beg your pardon, lads, but Ms. Michelle is no commoner, she’s the wife of the President of the most powerful nation on this earth.


T he Seattle Times writes that while President Obama had an “eventful first day on the world stage, launching new arms-control talks and calming fears about the ailing U.S. economy, First Lady Michelle Obama, in contrast, attracted breathless attention with every stop, fashionable outfit and sip of tea.”                    


The Chicago Tribune declares that Michelle Obama definitely is “one of the FAB FOUR in the political fashion world in the modern era – joining Jacqueline Kennedy, France’s First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Princess Diana  ...”                   


London’s leading newspaper, the Guardian, opines that Michelle’s choice of “ballerina-length black skirt with layers of net beneath and the pearls (around her neck) all play up to her youth … this rather results in her looking ever so slightly like she’s dressed up to visit her grandparents ...”                  


Another London paper, The Daily Mirror, a tabloid, published 14 photos of her and called her a “fashion belle.”  THE BBC surmised that the “Michelle Obama fever” had hit Britain.                                      


My take on this?  May I?                                


I think Michelle dresses like POKWANG, the Philippines’ most prolific comedienne on TFC’s ABS/CBN mindless comedy shows.  Also, I think … magkamukha yung dalawa.  No, I better take that back … baka mainsulto lang si Pokwang.  Pokwang is a Lucy Liu look-alike.  Whereas First Lady Michelle, is a Lucy look-alike…                                                        


CHINA, THE SLEEPING GIANT: It was also said that at this GS-20 summit, the Chinese, led by its President, Hu Jintao arrived at the meeting “riding a wave of nationalism and boasting an economy that, more than any other, is surfing the trough of a crippling recession.”                            


A ccording to The New York Times, three years ago, China did not have a single bank among the world’s top 20.  Today, the top three are Chinese owned.  Three years ago, America had seven of the top 20 banks, including the top two.   Today, America has three, and the biggest, Stanley Morgan, is rated 5th only.  America owes China $1-trillion, and that is but half the foreign reserves generated by its huge trade surplus and investment inflows.


The rest of the world owes China money, too.                                               



But even if China’s economic clout is unquestioned and its cities are booming and its country’s coast has become the world’s factory, it remains a developing country.  With a population of 1.3-billion, over 800-million of its people are FARMERS … and many, believe it or not, are still mired in poverty.                           


Also, China has no global military reach.                                  


For now, yes, the giant’s still half asleep.  But surely, it won’t be long now; the giant will be fully awake.  Then, what will the world do, what will America do, and what will Obama do?                                           


Me, I love Pansit Luglug and Mami-Siopao, and I know how to say Happy New Year in Chinese: Kung Hei Fat Choy.  Also, my wife has Chinese blood in her.  Her great grandfather was a full-blooded Chinese from mainland China.  And my oldest son, Jonathan, is a Bruce Lee look-alike.  On this, I kid you not…            


ANOTHER OBAMA-CABINET PICK, ANOTHER TAX CHEAT:  Y’all heard it, right?  Unbelievable, I tell ya.  Obama’s cabinet teems with felons.  This time, it’s Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s nominee to head the Health and Human Services Department.  After she was caught, she RE-PAID the IRS over $8,000, including interest.  Ms. Sebelius said it was “unintentional errors” and that it concerned charitable contributions, the sale of a home and business expenses.                                 


Y eah, yeah, yeah … of course, it was UNINTENTIONAL errors.  First, it was Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.  Then Senator Tom Daschle, who was Obama’s first choice for HHS.  Then that other guy … what’s his face name now?  Then this governor of Kansas.  Whoo-hoo, who’s next?                            


THE OBAMA BUDGET: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office calculated that President Obama’s $3.6-TRILLION budget would generate deficits of about $1-trillion a year for the next 10 years, for a total of, check this out: $9.3-trillion between now and 2019!  More than $2.3-trillion that the Obama’s White House had estimated.                                                       


So, what does that mean?  An America that’s BANKRUPT, that’s for sure.                      


But Mr. Obama said THAT budget “I submitted to Congress will build our economic recovery on a stronger foundation … so that we don’t face another crisis like this 10 or 20 years from now.”                                         


A ccording to the Washington Post, “a massive deficit for the next year is inevitable, because it’s essential to pump money into the economy during this recession.  But the CBO forecasts “long-term debt that could trigger devastating inflation and American dollar devaluation.”                             


So, how can America avoid deficits?                                                           


The Chicago Tribune opines that “to avoid massive deficits for the foreseeable future, we must INCREASE TAXES, CURB SPENDING, or both.”  But that ain’t gonna happen under the Obama Administration.                           


So, what will happen?  What would happen is “a ten-year deficit that’s bigger than the combined economies of India, Russia, Brazil, Spain and Canada,” said Kevin Hassett of the National Review                                             


Kind of scary, but no problemo, ika nga.  Nandiyan naman si Kabisi, na mauutangan ng Amerika.  So, don’t worry, be happy.  Buy stocks, said Mr. Obama.  Go spend your stimulus money upon receiving it.  Or better yet, buy a brand-new Jag, or a Hummer or perhaps, a Cadillac.  From what I heard, if you can’t make the monthly payments after three months, Mr. Obama will pay for it … that’s right, just like those houses being foreclosed, y’all know what I mean?                 


Sarap naman, pabahay na nga, pakotse pa.  Only in America.  JJ   


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