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Apr 01st
Home Columns A Cup O' Kapeng Barako Jesse's Son Wins Wyoming Broadcasters' Awards
Jesse's Son Wins Wyoming Broadcasters' Awards PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Cup O' Kapeng Barako
Thursday, 17 May 2007 05:39

A Cup o' Kapeng Barako 

(Editor's Notes: We decided to change the article's title, as indeed the achievements in broadcasting of our columnist's son deserve to be the focus and not just his birthday. We congratulate the Jose Family for Chris' success in American broadcasting. Yes, Jesse, Chris is your son, in whom you are well pleased--to use a Biblical phrase.) 

I have some good news. It’s about my son, Chris, a broadcast journalist for CBS News Channel 5 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Good news to good friends and supportive relatives, that is. But NOT too good, I am sure, to sour grapes, would-be friends and green-eyed kin.

My wife got hold of the news first. From work, she called me and said, "Yung anak mo, katatawag lang, nanalo na naman ng dalawang award."

"Which one?" I asked, pride and excitement rising in me.

"The Wyoming Broadcasters Association Awards. One for "Best News Story" and the other for "Best Newsbreaking Story," said my wife.

"Ang galing naman," I said. "He just started working there . . ."

"I know. Kasi mana sa akin," my wife said. It’s true, I thought.

"At saka, kamukha pa ng mama niya. O, di ba?" my wife added. Buti na lang, I also thought. For true indeed, my wife is a looker. Sexy pa.

So, upon hearing the news from our son, my wife told the whole world about it . . . and within seconds, thanks to modern technology, the whole world knew about it, too.

She heralded the news this way:

"Hi …

"I would just like to share our joy. Chris was awarded two prizes by the Wyoming Broadcasters Association. He won the 'Best News Story,' and the 'Best Newsbreaking Story.' We are so proud of this boy."

And I, on my part, heralded the news this way: I forwarded what my wife wrote and then wrote in this brief note.

"Hello Everybody …

"Just some good news to share with. Take care y’all . . ."

From Wyoming, to Washington, to Chicago, to Canada, to Florida, to New York and California . . . all the way to the Philippines, the news traveled and crisscrossed. Twice. Perhaps, even thrice, because I am sure, my wife’s sister and Chris’s aunt, Sister Grace Marie of the Carmelite Monastery in Seattle, heralded the news, too. Yes, perhaps, even all the way to Rome . . . and to all the angels in heaven, who watch over my son.

My brother, Soc, an assistant movie producer, screenwriter and director in the Philippines, wrote back:

"Dear Kuya …

"Your pride is contagious! It spilled over here. Congrats, Chris! Soc."

Many wrote back to us. Maribel’s friends, my friends, kin and clans and relatives, sharing in our joy. My Bestpren, Yoly, said something about DNA’s. One said something about "the PROOF is in the pudding." Another said something about "FRUITS not falling too far from the tree."

Whatever . . . 

Here’s the proof and the DNA . . . and the fruit. Punch on your computer screen: Then click on the left hand side that says "Meet the Team," and you’ll see the photos of the CBS 5 Wyoming team. Click on my son’s photo … and therein you’ll read this:

Chris Jose - Wyoming Broadcasters Association Awards winner for 'Best News Story' and 'Best Newsbreaking Story' 

"Chris joined the CBS News Channel 5 team in August of 2006. Since his arrival, Chris has covered stories ranging from breaking news to politics. Chris was first on the scene when a natural pipeline explosion scorched more than 800 acres in southwest Cheyenne. Chris EXCLUSIVELY covered the heated 2006 US House race when Republican Barbara Cubin narrowly beat Democrat Gary Trauner.

"He also investigated and uncovered the most dangerous neighborhoods in Cheyenne.

"Chris was born and raised in South Florida, but most recently lived in Seattle, Washington. He attended the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication (Washington State University) and graduated with a degree in Broadcast News and a minor in Sport Management in June 2006. During his time in college, Chris was honored six times by the Murrow School with his highest honor being the EXECUTIVE AWARD for his work at the campus television network, Cable 8 Productions.

"Chris started his television news career as an intern at KIRO (CBS) in Seattle and also worked for Sports Radio 950. He also had the honor to represent SONY during the 2006 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Chris first got the journalism bug at 10 years old from his father, a photojournalist in the Navy…. Chris is an active member of the Asian American Journalists Association."

If y’all want to see him in action, click on the videos. He reports from the field, Monday to Wednesday. He anchors on Saturdays and Sundays. He’s off on Thursdays and Fridays.

Hey, what can I say? There’s the proof, the DNA … and the fruit. Eat it, but don’t choke on it, please.

Wednesday this week, May 16, was my son’s 23rd birthday. I call him, "Bam." Bam for "BAMBINO," because when he was still a baby, his Lola Meny thought she looked like the revered Bambino. I shortened it to Bam, and began to pronounce it as "bomb" when he turned 15 and became a high school basketball star player and a "bombshell" to giggly girls and love-struck women.

His mom calls him, "Babe." Bam or Babe, it all means the same, because it all boils down to: "Love ya, Bam ... or Love ya, Babe."

Happy Birthday, Bam!!! Love ya. This is my gift to ya. Take care.

And this, dear readers, is my good news to all of ya: my Bam, my son. # # # 

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Last Updated on Saturday, 19 May 2007 08:13

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