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Jun 02nd
Home Columns A Voice From America A New Dawn of Morality and Ethical Behavior in Governance Finally Arrives to the Philippines
A New Dawn of Morality and Ethical Behavior in Governance Finally Arrives to the Philippines PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - A Voice From America
Monday, 17 September 2007 06:42

A New Dawn of Morality and Ethical Behavior in Governance Finally Arrives to the Philippines (Extension of Sunday’s Sermon?)

The Good News (Gospel) today about the Prodigal Son and lots of prayers from Overseas Filipinos all over the world probably have something to do with it. The loving father ordered that his repentant prodigal son be given a robe (signifying warm-and-unconditional love), ring (giving back kinship to his son what the son rejected) and sandals (returning dignity to the son after he walked wearily with worn-out sandals or probably even with bare feet) and finally, a big feast to the utter dismay of the elder son.

Editor’s Notes as Prologue. Our latest contributor, Ernie Delfin, was like Martin Luther King. He too had a dream, nay, vision, yesterday, Sunday. So, he wrote down his thoughts and sent it to this online site. Mr. Delfin is one of the highest-ranking Filipino-American Rotarians in Southern California, aside from being the incumbent president of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County ( He writes a column for the Asian Journal of San Diego, CA, and the Philippine Daily Star of Manila, Philippines. Our predecessor, the used to run Mr. Delfin’s columns and articles. Perhaps Mr. Delfin, who hails from the Great Province of Pangasinan, will now write regularly for the

The same scenario is now happening in the Philippines after some wealthy politicians (who was he who said that behind GREAT WEALTH WAS A CRIME?) and (previously) materialistic leaders have been poked in the heart by a mysterious sword. This is lead by a wealthy Speaker of the House from the Promised Land of Pangasinan, Joe De Venecia, whose daughter died when his mansion was burned down several years ago. Now, his son, Joey De Venecia III, was abducted, ala Jonas Burgos, by unknown foes resulting by his insistence of fighting the monsters and corrupt GMA circle of friends surrounding the ZNE contracts that smell soooo rotten that can be smelled throughout the world! JDV, a close ally of GMA, knew in his heart that those who abducted his son are of the ‘underworld’ who believe that money and power can solve all their problems no matter what…

JoeDeVe knows too well the government inside out but previously he did not have the stomach (as he was also a great beneficiary of government contracts, etc., etc., for several decades) to fight from the inside. Now that another life and death situation is visiting his family, the story of the prodigal son made him sleepless and decided that he too will not live forever, like many of his friends, from Marcos to Mitra and many noveau-riche politicians in his circles. Now a miracle happens, he openly fights GMA's inner circle by calling a press conference that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and many of his previous opponents believe in his sincerity as he now giving back to society to his new foundation following the example of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Clean Up Philippines Foundation.

Overnight the ripple effects of his PRODIGAL SON’s action caused a tsunami, the poor but upright young soldiers, led by Trillanes, are in his camp… But the mother of all mothers that is now making GMA and the Fat Guy quite scared is the turn-around of mentally-disturbed and suffering Ilongo, Joke Joke, oops Joc Joc Bolante, has also changed his mind to tell all that he knows and he volunteers to go home when he reads that JoeDeVe has finally decided to be on a collision course with the dark forces of Malacanang! As Bolante was the highest-ranking Rotarian, that news of his going back to bare it all was met with great jubilation with all ROTARIANS, OVER 1.2 MILLION OF THEM IN OVER 170 COUNTRIES…

Through texting, Yahoo Messengers and Skype communications, the impending collapse a corrupt administration (more corrupt than Erap or Ramos administration, as some quarters believe) is just a matter of time. Finally, a new dawn of morality hovers over the Philippines… and it is predicted that by Thanksgiving Day, the Filipino people will have great reasons to celebrate. Money from illegal sources and salted dollars by repentant thieves will join the Prodigal Son from the Promised Land in his Philippines’ CUP (Clean Up Philippines)!


The end . . .


Then, I suddenly woke up at 3:15 a.m. Monday with this wonderful Good news! Now, I am beginning to feel sad again… It was a crazy, crazy dream after all!

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 September 2007 02:56

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