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Sep 28th
Home Sections Literature and Fourth Estate 101 STORIES OF THE PHILIPPINE REVOLUTION
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Saturday, 28 July 2012 09:58
101 STORIES ON THE PHILIPPINE REVOLUTION by Ambeth R Ocampo Manil, Anvil,312pp. 2009 reviewed by Maximo P. Fabella exlusively for Radio Mabuhay Ambeth Omcapo has been tagged as a "public historian". He is that and more. He is priest of the order of St Bede, a writer, historian, enrolled for his doctorate in London School of Oriental Sudies, a professor of history at Ateneo de Manila University and UP. There are 101 short chapters in the book. To date he has written 15 books for the popular readers. First came in out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Story telling is one approach to history. Grandparents are known for telling them even during the Japanese period. My history students at the university complain that their textbook, 2 volumes Gregorio Zaide, are as "dry" as "dilis and tuyo". How can I blame them?. Critics of Ambeth complain, that his books "makes mountains out of molehills" I have to disagree with them. The short articles of no more than 3 pages each are all documented. Others complain that his books do not have the "integrative" approach. For that we have one prime example, O.D.CORPUZ, 2 volume, THE ROOTS OF THE FILIPINO NATION, and Teodoro A Agoncillio's A SHORT HISTORY OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE, still in demand in schools, colleges and universities. One thing notable I noticed, is the seeming enability of Filipinos to AGREE if not fight in public. Note the quarrel between the followers of Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aquino, the disagreements of Isbelo Artacho and Emilio Aguinaldo over the monies, they took to Hongkong. Artacho wanted a division. I have read these stories in a different format, in my course of academic life. Aside from documentation, the book also preserved pictures, which are no longer available. I COMMEND AMETH OCAMPO, for his books..

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