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Sep 30th
About Irene Mora PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 17 April 2011 04:17
I was very surprised when I read the online stories about Irene Mora. I knew this person. As far as I know this Irene Mora is a native of Mindoro, and her real name is Irene Manlutao, and she was not born in the US but rather she was born/ grew up in Mindoro. She didnt even finish a degree in Manila but she told everyone that she had a degree in Mass Communication at Lyceum, but later she said that she got a ready made degree certificate from Recto in Manila. Hey, I know this person, she also pretended before that she was a flight attendant of Kuwait Airways....but she was not. I know her cousins too from Mindoro, and theycan speak more about her, she's a hoax really. She was so funny creating different false stories around the globe. I can't believe it.XXXX
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1 Wednesday, 11 May 2011 22:28
CC on this post has been already forwarded to the NBI and we already found the computer who is the person stabbing your back. Capt. Irene. We advice all the lawyer what is the right thing to do, since this jealous people are everywhere, and we already informed and advice your adviser what to do. Please never entertain people that are low ! they can't even pronounce your name properly and telling that they know you personally. We congratulate all your achievements and whoever you are with all the time we learned to get to know you, we admire your skills, your talent and your possitive energy. we all know you have no time to read this but from all the way here to where we are we are all working to gather all the right information to capture this person, who can do anytihng but being jealous, he or she might have been so disperate from her life , maybe also dreaming to be a PILOT or a FLIGHT attendant, so cheap minds, to pay attention too. The moment we trace her we will do what we did to the last woman your secretary who did the same thing to you and put her in jail her at our department ! thanks for the right job Capt. Keep it up what you do for MINDORO people ! we all admire you and continue growing and more success to your project and to your life. We advice you not to welcome any cheap minds, because most of them are truly loosers !!!
2 Saturday, 14 May 2011 21:23
This is what you called back stabbing Atty. I am her Aunt who lives here in NY. We and the whole family of Irene are really so upset to her being so gullible with every one . She always wanted to help everyone., Irene ! stop being sooooooo nice to a lot of people out there in the PHILIPPINES ! choose whom you want to help and want to be friends with!
We are always here for you ! And yes anonymous ! no one can buy such a diploma in RECTO to fly such a plane ! so, you better wait till we got you ! Irene, keep your mind and focus and keep yourself sorounded with good people., like you only.
Beware hiring people again who are just running after their best interest., And never give your business to people who are not in the same level of yourself . POOR PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE POOR ! in mind and in spirit. So anonymous get a life ! and create your self too ! to whoever you wanted to be, so even if we know who you are entirely we will not mention your name in here, you are just running after publicity too like others., maybe you should be an Astronaut too so you can be famous !
3 Wednesday, 01 June 2011 17:18
Eversince I was a child I already admire Irene Mora. I am also from Mindoro. I knew her inside and out she is a very genuine person., why ? I am one of her scholar who is working already her in DUBAI as a nurse. My other sister who is here too today as well and finished her degree in nursing was because of the big help and suport of Irene Mora. I saw her growing as a child myself she was my Idol. And trough her help I have a better life and a better thinking now and a good job. She had helped my family a lot and she had helped many people not only me and my sister. I could have been one of a low mind and distractors of others too if I had never improved myself from learning, Tita Irene from here in Dubai keep it up ! we are all very proud of you ! and we will never forget all your help .

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