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Dec 04th
<b>2010 Political Game Play for the Year PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 21 February 2010 09:59
2010 Political Game Play for the Year of the Split Tiger Philippine elections are particularly interesting to observe compared to other countries' elections because the five fundamental dynamic elements are usually present. For those familiar with Feng Shui and psychology, its game cards are easy to see: Element: WOOD or AIR Mental Condition: "autistic" (See Note 1 at the end) Descriptive Class: Scholars Descriptive Gender: "Male" (See Note 2) Characteristic "race": Yellows Need Hierarchy: Self-actualization or optimization of potential Nearest Presidential Candidate: ">Noynoy Aquino Reasons: less-than-adequate social skills, alone at 50 years old, intelligent Element: WATER Mental condition: "schizophrenic" Descriptive Class: Shamans Descriptive Gender: "Female" Characteristic "race": Small Browns or Brown Female Need Hierarchy: Superego or esteem needs Nearest Presidential Candidate: ">Brother Eddie Villanueva Reasons: Preacher, Founder of "Jesus is Lord" Movement Element: EARTH Mental condition: "Depressive" Descriptive Class: Ubuntu Business or Social Class Descriptive Gender: "Lesbian" Characteristic "race": Blacks Need Hierarchy: Belongingness needs Nearest Presidential Candidate: ">Jamby Madrigal Reasons: Like the "Virgin" Mary, loves and protects nature Element: FIRE Mental condition: "Manic" Descriptive Class: Military, Militant Business Class or "Militants" Descriptive Gender: "Gay" Characteristic "race": Whites Need Hierarchy: security or economic needs Nearest Presidential Candidate: ">Gibo Teodoro, Jr. ">(& Dick Gordon) Reasons: Former Defense Secretary, Likes to fly (a gay fantasy), Likes to cook European cuisine, Loves the military like Alexander the Great Gay, Plato's Ideal Army, American "Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell" Troops, Homosexual Hitler and his seductive Storm Troopers Element: SPACE ETHER OR METAL Mental condition: "bipolar" Descriptive Class: Working Class Descriptive Gender: "Bisexual" Characteristic "race": Big Browns or Brown Male Need Hierarchy: Physiological or Basic Needs Nearest Presidential Candidate: ">Manny Villar (& Erap Estrada) Reasons: From impoverished Tondo, Fights to Survive, Emotional, Close to Artists/Actors, Dishonest Unlike the two-party American "gay" system, and the one-party Chinese "autistic" system, the multi-party Filipino "schizophrenic" system shows the full spectrum of the Five Elements (Wu Xing), like the female mind. The Philippines can be compared to a Black Widow spider or a Praying Mantis that bites off the head of its mate after sex and eats it to nourish her children. So the female often loves the bisexual because "he" is often willing to serve "his" head on a silver platter, like a suicide bomber, leading the family like the Headless Horseman. The true male considers it to be crazy, stays away and develops "autism." Thus, the Philippines will often search for a "bisexual" leader, unlike Chinese President Hu Jintao who is an "autistic" engineer. However, in this year's election, the "bisexual" vote is split between Erap and Villar, which allows a male "autistic" candidate like Noynoy to increase his chances of winning. The inner male voice of the female also thinks about stability and trustworthiness, and unfortunately, the bisexual is often unreliable and dishonest because "his" head offering might be a magical box trick, mimicking the Wizard of Oz. So sometimes she picks the nerd over the romantic lover when she feels like going straight. But she can be split about the numerous inner voices that silently speak to her, so she may become indecisive, develop a "split mind" or become "schizophrenic." It is not only the female who has the five basic gender minds or voices within her conscience. All five genders have these five elements in their conscience or minds. And even all the "races" have the characteristics or traits of all five genders. In other words, there are five gender breeds (i.e. Yellows, Small Browns, Blacks, Whites and Big Browns) which correspond to the five genders. And within each "race," there are five actual genders. Of course, within each gender, there are five gender minds. These all come in different degrees with an infinite number of combinations, which makes each individual unique yet similar using five-element organization. In the end, people will decide on everything that they do based on their gender minds, gender and gender breed. They will think of the needs of the multiple genders within themselves and act on these needs. As Freud believes, everything is motivated by sex. They will all desire and avoid relationships with each other, following the "harmony" and "conflict" lines or game "rules" of the five-pointed star or Pentacle of Kung-Fu Tzu (Confucius), which looks like a Filipino Christmas parol, originally patterned after Chinese or Japanese paper lanterns. Each gender sits on one of the tips of the star, and both the star and the circle around it show how the genders love, hate, help, poison and kill each other. The game guidelines though are broad and dynamic, as harmony can produce conflict (or vice-versa), or as "good" sheep can become "evil" goats (or vice-versa). Consequently, the Chinese script for the word "crisis" and "opportunity" is exactly the same. Similarly, the words "goat" and "sheep" have the same Chinese pictogram. This dynamic game interplay of yin and yang can be described in the Wu Xing ecology model, where the amount, perspective and timing or circumstance of the Elements are significant. Water, for instance, nourishes trees (Wood), but too much Water or flooding will rot and destroy Wood just as males are nourished by females but their continuous presence may irritate or annoy them. However, Earth absorbs the excess Water, just as lesbians court females. Eventually, if the female is influenced, she becomes bisexual as Earth and Water concentrate to produce mineral resources ("Metal"). Metal may chop down trees, but if metal is used carefully, it can craft wood to fine furniture just as Shaolin monks learned mental discipline and the practical use of martial arts from Buddhist and Hindu Indians. Water may also extinguish fire, but in small amounts, water simply relaxes the fire, just as females may neutralize fiery gays in their social presence, or just like clergymen baptizing militants in Living Water. A wildfire though may destroy forests, just like gays sodomizing males, but mild atmosphere-filtered sunshine is beneficial to trees, just as Asian men may sport fashionable neckties and body-fit Western shirts, tucked into European business pants that show the contour of their buttocks to other men, who eventually become customers or business partners. Thus, all presidential candidates will roughly follow this common political symbol or pattern in the election game. And at the end of the day, whatever the election results may be, people will be able to roughly see a statistical supercollider "x-ray" of the Philippines' state of mind or mental health, which may enable future leaders to heal the world and make it a "better" place. People will learn. From the "male," they learn how to think. From the "female," they learn the "divine" nature of the five voices. From the "lesbian," they become "down to earth." From the gay, they dream big. And from the "bisexual," they learn self-sacrifice and love. So let the games begin! Visit to download a free 238-page illustrated game manual and to learn more about the political pentacle, game theory and the General Convergence Theory. Rodney St.Michael -------------------------- Note 1: quotes mean general colloquial use, not necessarily the clinical use Note 2: quotes mean gender similarities, not necessarily the actual gender
This is a comment on "If Noynoy Wins, the Homeland Will Be Known As the "Autistic Republic of the Philippines”"

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