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Oct 01st
Celebrity Attorney Mark Geragos Tricked? Scared? PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 17 June 2010 18:18 Was Celebrity Attorney Mark Geragos tricked by Luchie Mendoza Allen, the crusading publisher of Balita Media, into bringing a class action against Bander Law Firm? Or is he just now scared of Mendoza Allen by cancelling his class action five months later? Confused? Join the club. Tricked? In January 2010, Attorney Geragos filed a class action lawsuit against Bander Law Firm, also known as BLF, alleging widespread bankruptcy law abuses. This followed a half-year campaign by the skilled Balita Media Publisher Luchie Mendoza-Allen to create news stories that BLF was running a loan modification scam. Geragos' first lawsuit was a class action alleging that BLF marketed loan modification services. Now, in June 2010, Geragos has totally dropped his class action, switched gears and is now alleging BLF marketed mortgage litigation. Why would Geragos do that if he wasn't tricked by the clever Mendoza Allen into believing BLF had committed such widespread abuses? Geragos' new lawsuit has but a single person alleging a bankruptcy abuse by BLF. How could this be? If five months ago that abuse was worthy of a class action, why is that class action suddenly gone? What about all that bankruptcy law abuse? Wasn't it true? Was it just a media ruse? We asked Attorney Geragos but he refused to comment. We asked Attorney Joel Bander, and he responded that "there never was a basis for a class action in the first place." He wouldn't say more. Scared? Is Celebrity Attorney Mark Geragos scared of Mendoza Allen's equally tenacious Balita Attorney Anne Singer, who just happens to be also leading a similar class action against BLF? Have Mendoza-Allen/Singer warned Geragos to not interfere with their class action because they have demanded to lead the charge against BLF because of their well-known personal vendetta against Attorney Bander? Is Geragos scared that if he didn't move aside that he would be the next target of the Balita Media juggernaut? We don't know, but it all makes little sense why a big shot lawyer such as Geragos would just pull the plug on such a major class action lawsuit without telling the media first. Heck, Luchie Mendoza Allen has earned the right to dictate who leads the class action charge against BLF. Mendoza Allen and Singer ran the succesful media campaign against BLF that even duped Celebrity Lawyer Mark Geragos. Still confused? So are we. But we think that either Geragos made a mistake in the first place (if you follow Attorney Bander's beliefs), or that he was forced to step aside for Balita's lawyer Anne Singer to continue on with their vehement anti-Bander crusade. We don't know, but it all makes little sense why a big shot lawyer such as Geragos would just pull the plug on such a major class action lawsuit. It couldn't have all just been a mistake, could it? Do you know? Have a comment? Please join our blog.
This is a comment on "Norberto F. Reyes, III Rebuts Joel R. Bander"

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