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Sep 28th
Clarifying the Crusade to Get Back the NaFFAA from the Corrupt Clique PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 31 December 2010 11:59
Dear Romy: CC: Ed Navarra I am requesting Chairman Ed Navarra to have a dialogue with you and answer your questions. You were kicked out too from the NaFFAA by the Esclamado Clique without the benefit of a hearing and without hearing your side. I wish to reiterate the fact that I have no quarrel with the NaFFAA as a federation but only with its corrupt ruling clique (that ceased running it when Ed Navarra was elected on Nov. 20, 2010). I fought for all the decent and well-meaning members of the NaFFAA and with your help and other writers like Joseph Lariosa, we were able to put to shame the corrupt clique. And actually the clique abandoned their national-executive positions. I have pledged my unconditional support to Chairman Ed Navarra and his new management team like Apo Ernie Gange and will do my best to persuade our coalition members to join or rejoin the NaFFAA. I have done my role as a modest version of a "white knight" for the NaFFAA and helped in installing an honest man in the person of Ed Navarra as its national chairman. Let us hope that Ed Navarra will do his job and follow strictly the ATIC principles. I will still proceed to file hopefully by next week my complaints with the IRS, state and federal offices for tax evasion, violation of the RICO Act and other criminal fraud, mail fraud, etc. Have a Blessed, More-prosperous and Peacefull Happy New Year, Romy and Chairman Ed, Mabuhay, Bobby M. Reyes

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