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Dec 05th
Dear Dr. Nelson and JM and Friends: PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:02
Dear Dr. Nelson and JM and Friends: Thank you for reminding our friends who share our passion for the jury system that they have to maintain a neutral stance on the Internet, even if they support particular candidates. It will also help if they keep their bashing of certain candidates discreetly. As for me, I have written our coalition's stand in this article, which is actually a reprint of its original 2003 version: Reinventing the Philippine Criminal-justice System URL: As soon as our candidate becomes the President-elect, we will invite you and those interested to join an OFW-led Committee to "Reinvent" the Philippine Criminal-justice System (and of course introduce the jury system), as stated in the said article. So, if we are not commenting on the jury system; it simply means that we are just biding our time and waiting for the opportune moment to make the move. It is our strategy, which may or may not pay off. And I will tap (to help our advocacy) the 1970 law classes of Ateneo de Manila and San Beda College, to which I belonged. I reached only the fourth-year law proper at the Ateneo but did not graduate. (I took up AB and first-year law in San Beda.) Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes In a message dated 3/7/2010 4:19:48 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes: I strongly and completely agree with JM. Advocates of the JS, especially the primary leaders of the HMMI at ground zero MUST REFRAME from endorsing and/or criticizing any candidate; for such action will only hurt and jeopardize the credibility of the JS advocacy. They should at all times during the campaign remain neutral and their preferences of the different candidates be kept private and not publicly announced. If this behavior is continued you surely will defeat the very advocacy you are working [worked so hard] and promoting. Nelson

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