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Sep 29th
Dear Nel Reformina: Thank you for you PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 14 February 2010 11:21
Dear Nel Reformina: Thank you for your comments. Perhaps you missed this note in the said article: "Acknowledgment with Thanks: This parable was inspired by two separate stories sent to the writer by Mike Kolberg of Los Angeles, California, and Don Azarias (for Part I). Part II was sent by Jesse “Mr. Debonair” Farrales. Both Messrs. Azarias and Farrales are based in Chicago, Illinois. This writer combined the two short narratives sent by his three friends into one interconnected parable." But you would have noted that there were changes in the parable and it was used to publicize further the presence of ABER Filipinos in the United States. BTW we could not properly credit the source, as the "funny stories on the Internet" were usually forwarded without revealing actually who was/were the original author/s. Mabuhay, Editor

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