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Jun 26th
Dog-meat Eating in South Korea PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 22 September 2010 17:14
Bobby, Just returned from a month-long Sabbatical trip to Hong Kong, Macau, China and Korea. Now preparing for a trip to Europe (Geneva and Taize, France), working on 'Asian American Spirituality)...Just to contribute to your discussion. While in Korea, I was hosted by some Korean VIP's and in fact attended the Chamurro International Film Festival (Seoul's Hollywood) in the VIP section because my host (the Anglican archbishop) is well-connected. Anyway, my story is this... while in Ganghwa Island, I was guest at a special dinner of VIP Koreans and the chief host came to me and said, "Father Fred, our main dish tonight is (whisper) d-o-g. Now, you are our guest and we won't be offended if you do not like to eat it. We can order chicken for you and you can sit at another table (Koreans do a lotus position when eating the Korean culture way), but if you really want to, well, 'when you are in Rome, do what the Romans do,' you may sit and eat with us. You guessed my decision----I wanted to immerse in their culture---and enjoyed the dish and the conversation along with it. Later, I told the story to the assistant of the Archbishop and she said that when she was brought to the hospital for a surgery, the surgeon told her to eat this d-meat for it helps in the coagulation of the blood. Well, I'm only a doctor of theology, and not of medicine...but is there something the Asian medicine knows that is helpful but repugnant to Western (American) dog lovers (but not eaters)? Fr. Fred
This is a comment on "Cats on Hot Thin Soups and Siopaos?"

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