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Jun 26th
Filipinos Must Treat Cats and Dogs the American Way PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 September 2010 21:45
When I was growing up, there were talks that cats were also eaten by our people. But that was just talk and I was aware that dog meat was popular because our two of our dogs in Quezon City disappeared. We found out later that they were killed and eaten especially for pulutan. I did not believe that our people that time were also into cat meat's consumption. But five years ago, I found out from a Philippine news that cats were being put into cat pens (like pig pens) and sold to markets. I asked my relatives in the RP if this were true. My paternal cousin told me yes. It was done in the neighbouring town where my paternal relatives lived as though keeping cats in pens were a cottage industry. In the USA dogs and cats or pets are treated like members of the family and in most cases even better than human beings. They get medical attention like human beings including their annujal physical and medical check-ups, vaccination, grooming, and not mention that they see the Vet when they are not feeling well, et cetera. We purchase their food from cat stores for the best food selection. Back in the RP, most of our countrymates feed the pet/animals with tira or left-overs. Also pinaliluguan ang mga aso at ang mga pusa dito sa America. I do bathe my cats at least once a month. The Mutya had bathed them also. I never cared much about cats back in the RP but learnt to like them when I came to America. I loved dogs and still do. But cats are easier to take care than dogs. I have two cats at home and they are both pedigreed or pure-bred Persian cats. They are mother and kitten (daughter) and the mother was a daughter of a US Champion cat which I bought from a breeder for $800.00 with papers in 1997. She is a calico (tri-colour cat) Persian cat. Her name is Dilag. I purchased a Persian cat because my Blue Persian cat of 14 years and 8 months which I also purchased from a breeder died. Hirang begot a White Persian cat in 1998 and her name is Dilag. My parents used to tell me that I would never get married because of my love for my cats as though they were my children. This is a habit that I got from the Americans who treat their animals like they are part of the family. But I decided to end up my being a bachelor upon the death of my mother in 1998. Surfing the internet made me finally meet my best half and she is the Mutya ng Kyrgyzstan. But my marriage and having two sons have not diminished my devotion to my two Persian cats. They do compete with my two sons and the Mutya for my attention. When they do, I just laugh. My two sons also find the situation amusing. Liking animals make me abhor haunting animal for sports or to kill them just for fun or for trophy. To me it is cruelty to animals and ask myself if the table were turned around and they are the ones hunting us human beings for sports and fun. Eddie
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