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Jun 26th
First 100 Days - ZERO flak, ZERO brickbats PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 17 May 2010 13:32
Here in the 7,107 islands, it seems that what may be realistic for the new administration to expect from ALL the rest who did NOT vote for the New President is just ZERO flak, ZERO brickbats during the first 100 days, from 30 June 2010 up to 08 October 2010. "Unity and cooperation" had been mere tongue-in-cheek ploy of both "winners" and "losers" in post-election scenarios here in the 7,107 islands since 04 July 1946. While that is not based on first-hand knowledge, there is a humongous volume of documentation of post-election scenarios, both at the national and LGU levels. Given the most vicious election campaign since the SNAP elections of 1986, the "winners" of the MAY 2010 elections will have to "roll up their sleeves" and "work their asses off" for the entire 100-day period, while ALL those who voted against the "winners" must simply monitor closely and document everything that will transpire. Based on the actual results after the 100-day period, i.e., starting on 09 October 2010, the new administrations, both at the national and LGU levels will either have additional supporters or truly pissed off Filipino Citizens who will use every means, fair or foul to bring down those who would have failed to deliver.

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