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May 30th
For the information of Readers: Pleas PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 24 April 2009 08:15
For the information of Readers: Please find the applicable portions of an e-mail sent to the PPP leaders and the members of our Southern California-based coalition: 2.0 RE: Proposed ConCon Election for 2011. Perhaps this early we should prepare to qualify OFs and/or OFWs who can run in (our) predicted 2011 elections to elect members for a constitutional convention (which should be the most-logical step that an overwhelming majority of Filipino leaders will agree on as a workable compromise). 2.1 Please read our proposal of going back to the 1935 Constitution and amending it to provide changes such as electing senators per province, reducing the number of the seats in the House of Representatives (HR), eliminating party-list but providing for seats in the HR for Overseas Filipinos at the rate of one congressperson per 250,000 Filipino voters or population, among other proposals. The hyperlinks are: 2.1.1 More Proposals – From Voter’s Registration by Mail to Party-List Solons for OFWs – Sent to PGMA /URL: 2.1.1 Proponents Launch an Online Constitutional-Convention Forum /URL: For your perusal and consideration, as our PPP-led alliance should not live or die by the 2010 elections. We are just beginning a long process to "reinvent" the Philippines and this can take more-than a generation. Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes

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