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Feb 04th
From : Manila Standard PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 23 February 2010 22:08
From : Manila Standard By Emil Jurado I was jolted from my seat when I read that Liberal Party standard bearer Senator Benigno Aquino III said that his top priority, if elected, would be to recover the stolen Marcos wealth. This was something that even Noynoy’s late mother, President Cory Aquino failed to do when she installed a revolutionary government after Edsa 1. Recover the Marcos wealth? Give me a break. Much of the Marcos wealth was plundered by Cory’s Kamaganak Inc. My gulay, have we forgotten too soon that anomalous sale of the government prime property at a corner of Union Square, San Francisco, California after the election of Cory and before she assumed office? Many of those who went laughing all the way to the bank are still very much around. Have we also forgotten that when Marcos went into exile, the Cory Aquino elements took from the Palace seven, I repeat seven, suitcases of Imelda’s jewelry to be deposited in a doctor’s house in Dasmariñas Village, Makati? Only three suitcases later on surfaced to be deposited to the central bank. Reports had it that a Cory Aquino relative commuted between the Philippines and Hong Kong to have those Imeldific jewelries reset by a Hong Kong Milton Hotel jeweler. Have we also forgotten that some 39 firms suspected to be owned by Kokoy Romualdez were handed on a silver platter to the in-laws of Cory? One of these firms was Erectors Inc., a steel fabrication business, founded by the late transportation and communication Minister Totoy Dans. I was a director of this firm and until now I am still wondering what happened to my investments. Another firm, Amalgamated Motors, which had a license to import British vehicles was among those taken over, and then used to import Simba armored vehicles for the Armed Forces. Santa Banana, I can only guess how much money some people made from that deal! Noynoy recovering stolen Marcos wealth? My gulay, it’s like saying that Noynoy and his relatives would recover from themselves.

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