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Oct 01st
Hi Joseph, My deepest apologies on t PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 31 August 2009 14:49
Hi Joseph, My deepest apologies on the delay of this email. Our campaign has been extremely busy over the past week in our transition. As of just recent, Tiffany has decided to gracefully bow out of this race and endorse Lt. Governor Garamendi for Congress. This decision to endorse the Lt. Governor was an obvious but careful choice made by Tiffany. As our campaign was failing to find debate invitations (see below for web links on these stories) we finally decided to hold a formal protest in Fairfield, where the debate was to get our voice heard. With enough noise, people inside the debate took notice. Out of all the candidates, it was Lt. Governor Garamendi who came to Tiffany and asked, "What can we do to help you out?" He also invited Tiffany to participate in a Pacific Island Town Hall where she sat beside Garamendi and answered questions with the Lt. Governor. Both Tiffany and I, as her campaign manager, were convinced that the Lt. Governor was very genuine in his concerns and also the concerns of Filipino and Latino communities to which she represents. Garamendi is also endorsed by the Democratic Filipino Caucus. We are now in transition, to focus all our staff and supporters energy in Garamendi's victory. On a separate note, I appreciate the very well written article on Tiffany. We have had several comments on it, which has been effective in promoting Tiffany as a professional and politician. Joseph, our campaign can't thank you enough for the interest and help that you and Bobby have given to us. Although our campaign has switched gears to Garamendi, I firmly believe that putting a Filipina in Congress is tantamount. Attwood, is the choice for Congress. The other day, I had a number of people come up to me after a rousing speech she had giving from a Park gazebo (around 70 to 100 people for a Garamendi gathering) and said they all wanted to get up off their seats and start chanting Garamendi. I may not have to sell Tiffany too much, but here are some quality's that she posses that people seem to find themselves gathering around her: 1. She is very intelligent over many issues and world/national events. Very engaging. 2. Tiffany has a fun sense of humor, which she uses to her advantage in speaking or defusing potential conflict. 3. She is an excellent speaker and can handle everything from the intimate gathering to large crowds. 4. Tiffany's 17+ year's background in Finance, Housing and Urban Planning makes her a great candidate for a political office. 5. She is beautiful and demure. Joseph, if you are ever in the Bay Area, I would like to set up a dinner with you and Tiffany. She would be tickled pink to host a dinner in your honor. Feel free to contact Tiffany or me, if you are ever out here. Below are the links to the debates: Fog City Journal - CA-10 Democratic Candidates Square Off in Antioch July 5, 2009 ABS - CBN News - U.S. Congress candidate accuses party of racism August 8, 2009 Garamendi Press Release on Attwood Endorsement - John Garamendi Endorsed by Former 10th Congressional District Candidate Tiffany Attwood in Race for Congress All the best, Ross E. Butler Campaign Manager - Attwood for Congress

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