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Dec 03rd
Hi Lolo Bobby, One famous person said PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 22 February 2010 23:16
Hi Lolo Bobby, One famous person said: "When you've been to war once you don't want to go there again - like Germany..." The Hindu deity text of Manu, in the early centuries CE, even admits that what makes women so dangerous is the fact that men are so weak: "It is the very nature of women to corrupt men here on earth; for that reason, circumspect men do not get careless and wanton among wanton women…No one should sit in a deserted place with his mother, sister, or daughter; for the strong cluster of the sensory powers drags away even a learned man". (2.213-15) Probably, they're just a critical cluster in high places, but the stomach laughs roamed around in a way I haven't seen them do in a long while. It's foreign to live in a place where such a portrayal of our local politicians and their advisors inspires knowing looks quite than the feeling that everything is wrong and nothing will turn out well. But if the leaderships and their buddies really didn't want to go down in history this way, as they are probably doing, their evident remedy at this time would have been to cease acting in ways that revolutionized it. Much of the world was still recovering from the World War II, in which so many casualties were civilians, and trying to grip the surmount of Japanese soldiers in the Philippines and the German Nazi in Europe soldiers' brutalities, including the death camps. Many Filipino people and European Christians were swayed to collaborate in, or at least allow, frightening brutalities towards their kababayan in the Philippines using the 'Makapili collaborators' and in the other side of the world, the Jewish neighbours in Europe, as well as barbarism towards gypsies and other 'inferior races', disabled people, leftwingers, gays and lesbians. Yet others resisted because of their faith, braving torture and death to defend the vulnerable. Here, too, religion was shown at its best and worst. Worldly ideologies were establishing ambiguous as well. While some communists struggled for justice and dignity for all, others were set up by the brutal one-man rule of Stalinism, Maoism, Adolf Hitler, etc. In our country, the eminent hopes at the time of the independence movement have not always come to realization. In the past 65 years, there has been more slaughter of the defenseless, abandonment of the needy and spoilation of the earth, often in the name of God or progress, as well as numerous instances of heroism and mercy, also inspired by faith or sometimes humanism. To act rightly and pityingly now, understanding is needed, sort of, than wilful ignorance and wishful thinking. Yet some liberals talk as if religion in general is sympathetic and worthy of favoured treatment, as if trucks and trainloads of dead bodies never crossed us before our great grandparents the independence day, and fundamentalists speak as if attachment to a peculiar version of a detail text is a warrantee of virtue, as if the Holy Bible had never been abused to justify murderous anti-guerilla soldiers (Hukbalahap movement) and the anti-Jewish and implicit obedience to the governments. There are also activists or unbelievers who appear to believe that getting rid of religion would lead to world peace, as if supposedly scientific theories such as bioscience had not been used to justify the act of making an organism barren or infertile or even murder of 'smaller breeds', and applied science had not led to the introduction of the atomic bomb as well as mass-production of penicillin and other discoveries in the practice of medicine. There is much to learn from realistic, instead than glamourized, reminiscence of the past, the belonging to the period after the war and benefitting of our independence, if true liberty from negative systems and demeanours is to be achieved, and human being possibly satisfied. Ramon

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