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Oct 04th
Home Columns allComments Huge shiner on the countenance of the Filipino Community -malaking disgrasiya.
Huge shiner on the countenance of the Filipino Community -malaking disgrasiya. PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 22:16
Excellent, Mr. Lariosa! I have another mainstream quotation to be added to yours, albeit not of such high literary level: "How do you catalogue 50 lawyers on the bottom of the ocean -or, more suitably, Lake Michigan? A Good Start!" What goes around, comes around: Someone whose actions appear to have contributed to smear the name of the Filipino Community in Chicago, has, the way I see it, in turn received a perhaps well deserved black eye -plus another one that you have castigated that person with! You win. For the sake of argument, the Madoff analogy is not quite valid, aside of being a lame excuse: Madoff is a kano in his own land and he pulled his tricks on his own people. In Mr. Davies' case, members of a guest community have allegedly performed some quite unsavory tricks on a member of the host community, causing their fellow guest community members to lose face before the host community. Granted, the kano -fortunately, in this case- have no clue about the name of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, and very few have a clue about what the Rizal Center represents. Still, when Zekman's theatrical expose included a view of the Rizal Center, I threw in anger something that I was holding in my hand. I was ashamed by the fact that the Rizal Center was being shown as an integral part of a scandal. Furthermore, considering that Dr. Rizal is venerated as a National Hero, I regard the Rizal Center as a shrine, not only because it bears his name, but because it is The cultural center of the community -and seat of the local Order of the Knights of Rizal; therefore, any less-than-honest activity connected to the Rizal Center is an affront to Dr. Rizal's name and to his community. And, returning to the black eye: I do not remember if there is mention of the Filipino origin of the parties involved in Zekman's expose; if so, the affair is, most definitely, a black eye, an indelible negative impression in the minds of those locals who have some awareness of Filipino care-givers.

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