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Sep 28th
I was too young to remember this bu t re PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 20 February 2010 04:49
I was too young to remember this bu t recently I chanced upon the news articles during my readings at the national Library of the old newspapers. I took photos of the news articles and the photos and I would like to share it with you..I will email it to you.. Nicasio Fernandez , Louis Santiago and Guillermo Flores was part of the contingent but failed to join the ill-fated group. Flores had trouble with the release his passport while Fernandez needed P600 more for his expenses... Sad story.... I just felt bad the QC government had to change the street names that were given in honor of the scouts..... The other week, a Channel 5 show featured the scout tragic incident... But the story was so in depth research was done.. They should have mentioned those part of the original contingent that avoided the tragedy... and probably talked to them, if they are still alive today...

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