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Jun 07th
Is Cat Meat Exotic Food? PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 September 2010 21:53
Dear Mr Calderon, This just gave me the idea to ask that because of the topic of domesticated animals. Cats have been mentioned that became enhancer and exotic food. Dogs had been very very polpular in the Philippines. When I was in the Philippines and working in the hotel I used to stay in Alido Heigths Subdivision Malolos Bulacan. Most of the time I was invited to cook for birthdays and wedding receptions. I used to prepare and cook Azucena or Asocena, besides Calderetta. But honest to goodness I never tasted the Asocena. I had the very special preparation with my unique recipe, that Ido not need to taste it but did the procedure that I had. It never came into my feeling of hunger and knowing that even after two days the smell of the dog lingers with the body smell. My brother used to have with his group of construction workers that brought the cooked pulutan made out of dogs meat. I have two dogs named Spaniel and Ambassador. Ambassador was a trained dog. Both dogs would kept away from the house during their gathering of drinking session. Especially Ambassador would sneered but did not bark. For two days Ambassador would stay away from the house and would not stay where that dog used to hibernate. Going back to " HOLY COW " it is not just an ordinary expression but that had the basis of the HOLINESS. The Hindu considered COW a Holy Animal. When I was onboard the cruise ship with the semester at sea and around the world tour I been in India several times. My Hotel Manager did not had the courage to take pictures of the Holy Cow. He asked me if I can do it. I aggred for I had good relationships with Indian workers when I was in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait with men and women co workers. I learned some greetings of Madras Indian language. I was able to take pictures of the Cow living inside the houses of the Indian Hindu. I had seen and visited friends in Tondo and the Squaters area behind the Paco Park Cemetery the areas in India was even more pitfull situation in comparison. Yours, Tony Villan
This is a comment on "Cats on Hot Thin Soups and Siopaos?"

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