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Apr 01st
Kapalmigs Zubiri Is an Impostor in the Senate PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 20 August 2010 09:29
Folks, my take on Zubiri and stalling is not getting delivered properly. So I am sending you what I had written. Regards, Emma ===================== Koko Pimentel's ascendancy as senator of the republic is having rough sailing simply because Miguel Zubiri does not concede that easily. And the more the latter stalls, the greater the disenchantment of the people over his character. Unfortunately, the Senate Electoral Tribunal is also at fault here. It does not provide safeguards for immediate implementation of what otherwise is a correction of the travesty of justice in our midst. It simply allows itself to coast along and let the tide of bureaucratic papers get black and roll out day after day. How much does it cost to maintain the SET daily? And so its members are contributing to those huge expenditures that end up in wasted labor-hours, supplies and equipment. Meanwhile we still see a lot of vagrants roaming around, families living on carts, and hobos sleeping on the sidewalks, nighttime workers sleeping on corners or pavements of buildings, among others. I hope that our legislators would be more conscious about their spending the people's money for bureaucratic procedures that result in wastage. We had a lot of that in the past administrations. Now, we need a new perspective in doing government work. Speed, efficiency, relevance, and pro-masses: these are what we expect from our officials. Meanwhile, let us appeal to Miguel Zubiri to kindly vacate his seat now so that we can have peace in our land. So long as he holds on to his position we feel edgy, anxious, and disappointed that what are so-called honorable seats are being appropriated by people whose mandate did not come from us. In other words, the seats are being invalidated as the people's creation, the product of the people's political action. This is tantamount to treason I think, when a person begins to appropriate what is otherwise the people's property. Yes, we own all the government posts and those we elect to them are just mere caretakers who should provide us the necessary services for our humane living in this society. Terefore, Miguel Zubiri has to know that his continued stay is no longer acceptable to us. Maybe we should start having stickers and posters all around the country, asking: "WHO ARE THE IMPOSTORS IN THE SENATE?" Does Miguel Zubiri want that? He will be disgracing his family and his whole lineage by sticking to what is not his. And his party most of all shall be smeared as a thief of government positions not worthwhile maintaining in our political arena. Need we say more?

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