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Aug 19th
Home Columns allComments Letter to Atty. Bander on "Black Propaganda" Against Bobby Reyes & Romy Marquez
Letter to Atty. Bander on "Black Propaganda" Against Bobby Reyes & Romy Marquez PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Sunday, 31 March 2013 08:32
Dear Atty. Bander: There is a saying in our province that "If you debate with a fool, then you are a bigger fool." This is why Romy Marquez and I just laugh off all the insults from this "Bobby-Romy Basher" who keeps on sending e-mails that are malicious and false and who cannot even come out in the open and use his real name (as he uses the alias ""). No amount of "black propaganda" will affect me or Romy Marquez as the whole world never believes lies, especially if they are tainted with malice. As you said before when you were my lawyer, I am a public figure and it would be hard to win libel cases against this group of "Bobby Bashers." Besides, they don't have any assets to run after even if we win the libel case. The hatred of these "Bobby-Romy Bashers" were end results of the NaFFAA expository writings that Romy Marquez and I did and from our unsolicited defense of a Filipino diplomat and Filipino tourism officials whom these "black propagandists" attacked online and in their write-ups without even bothering to interview the said Filipino public servants to get their sides of the controversies that the "bashers" claimed. The "Bobby-Romy Bashing" culprits come from a group of five adversaries, whom I have identified in this satire: At least with me, I name names and I don't hide from the anonymity of an assumed screen name. I believe that readers already know who am I and who Romy Marquez is. No "black propaganda" will affect us. Their efforts are just making our articles more popular and our persons more famous. Have a Happy & Blessed Easter and Passover. Shalom, Bobby M. Reyes

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