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Mar 28th
Lolo Bobby, Short of "barilin si GMA" PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 29 July 2009 06:14
Lolo Bobby, Short of "barilin si GMA" ('di daplis, a la Julio Nalundasan ha?), nothing can stop her! She has been pushing heaven & earth to see Barack Hussein O so many times, why would she postpone? Nothing against you Sir Bobby, but the woman hungers for a photo-op, "pogi points" with BHO! She wants to have an extension of her power hold, Prime Minister or Datu Pula, if not Sultana Pandak, any misstep on BHO could be read by her as APPROVAL of her power grip, continuation added, she would proudly kick-in a Congressional Con Ass, no amount of Senate, CBCP or People Power III/IV could stop! We should warn BHO on what to and what not to say! If she is "matangkad lang ng konti sa diyes sentimos", a burger would tower over her. We keep our BP low, under control! Hehehe :) Lazir

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