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Jun 02nd
Nice Point but too Exaggerated PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 12:54
First of all I would like to argue w/ the comment above. This person seem to be an American who doesn't know anything about Latino. Latino isn't limited only to the people living in South & Central America. A person can be considered a Latino if he's from or have origins in any country that speaks Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian & Romanian). After all, it wasn't Latin America who was conquered by the Latin Romans but rather Hispania (now Spain), Lusitania (now Portugal), France, Italy & Romania ot collectively known as Latin Europe. South & Central America were renamed as Latin America simply because they're a part of America that speak a Romance language. So there you have it. Latinos comprise of people whose origins are from Latin Europe, Latin America & Latin Africa (Equatorial Guinea). Ever noticed why I didn't include Philippines nor "Latin Asia"? That's because frankly I don't consider them Hispanics/Latinos. Let's put it this way, yes La Filipinas was also ruled by Spain just like Mexico & many Latin American countries BUT there were not much hispanization occurred there except for religion since there were very few Spaniards that came. Yes the culture is Spanish influenced but the main component remains Asian so there are vast differences in Filipino & Latino culture. The people are mostly pure unmixed Malays w/ only less than 3% of people having Hispanic heritage. Your article is nice & while I agree that Spanish will benefit Filipinos better, I find some little exaggerated details especially on the latter part about the bilingualness of many Filipinos for Latino tourists. First of all, many of the Hispanic tourists who come in Phils already have some knowledge in English as they are aware that Filipinos don't speak Spanish. Secondly, how can you be sure that many Latinos will flock the Phils during the 500th Anniversary of Phil discovery? In addition, Portuguese speakers are not Hispanic so don't count Brazil, Portugal or even those in Macau & Goa on your Hispano list. They are just simply Latinos. Hispanics refer to people from or have origins from Spanish speaking country.

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