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Sep 30th
Note that US-based Noynoy supporters as PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 22 February 2010 23:05
Note that US-based Noynoy supporters as indicated in your article did not actively tell their followers to stop spreading the email until "Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 3:47 AM (Manila local time)". The discovery, announcement, and internet posts revealing the hoax were made around 8-9 pm on Monday, Feb 22, 2010, or about seven hours after the hoax was discovered. While it's good that Noynoy supporters in the U.S. are condemning the hoax, many see their condemnation of the hoax as insincere and are but efforts to do damage control. The blame on Black Propaganda is not exclusive to the person or persons who created the hoax, but equally guilty are those that forwarded the hoax to their friends, family and associates. If you participated in sending the email hoax to friends and relatives, you really need to take a closer look at yourself. Soon after the ratings of Noynoy and Villar became statistically tied, the news became saturated with Villar being allied with Arroyo, then it was spread that Villar is allied with the Ampatuans, then the so-called C5 and half in Ilo-Ilo was being pushed, and now this. What's next? If Noynoy supporters really cared about what's best for the Filipino people, they would stop their mudslinging and stand on Noynoy's platform and his ability to perform. Winning the presidency because of dirty campaigning is "pandaraya". Dirty campaigning is a corrupt practice and is associated with Trapos. We, as a nation of Filipinos, with all our positive traits, can do better than that.
This is a comment on "US-based Supporters of Noynoy Aquino Condemn Villar-owned Mansion Hoax Because Prank May Backfire"

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