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Jun 26th
On Holy Cow and Cruelty to Animals PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 September 2010 21:50
Holy cow is just an expression and I do not know where it originated. It is the same as Holy Molly and Molly is the nickname for Mary. I also hear people say Holy Sh.....t". I also heard my classmate at Oxy who hailed from New York City when he exclaimed to me the expression Holy Mackerel. Regarding animal hunting, I am only against the hunting for sports but not for those who have to hunt in order to eat like the Eskimos, the forest people, etc. Also sometimes hunting is for commercial purpose to make lots of money as they do it in Faeroe Islands and Denmark where a vast school of sea mammals are being hunted to the point of decimation or extinction. We talked about this before where I joined those who were against the commercial practice and even addressed our concerns to the Danish government. Eddie
This is a comment on "Cats on Hot Thin Soups and Siopaos?"

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