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Oct 01st
Home Columns JGL Eye Phil communism Revisited.
Phil communism Revisited. PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 07:24
His eduation was sporadic. First,in San Luis, then San Miguel, in neighboring Bulacan. Finished hith schoo in Tarlac, Tarlac. He lived with an uncle, who was a tailor. He went to Manila. He enrolled in Far Eastern University. He dreamed of becoming a doctor. He was exposed to the labor movement. He became a field organizer for Vicente Abad Santos,, who was more socialist inclined. He married 3 times. In 1938 with the merger of the Socialist and communists. This allowed him to visit many towns and the "feel" of the people He was in awe of Vicente Lava,whom he considered "humane and intellient:. He became a member of the Democratic Alliance, who opposed the Bell Trade Act, the Parity and Military Agreements. He won in the postwar Phil Congress, collected his backpay. Taruc was named commander of the Hukbalahaps. He associated with the likes of Pomeroy, Saluo Alendro, Peregino Taruc, Casto Alejandrino and many otehrs. He was convinced the peasants wanted LAND REFORM most. He wanted a Christian democratic society ...tillers ownership of the land, security of tenure,low rent repeal of the old tenancy sytsem,supply of irrigation, fertilization of the soil, intelligent corp rotation, more agricultural and horticultural colleges, development of rural industry, recreation and cultural activities. Distribution of virgin lands. MEMORIS OF A COMMUNIST, is the latest of the 3 books. Jesus was the younger of te Lava brothers. of Bulacan. It is said, he learned Marxism from his older Vicente, a Ph.D trained chemist. He was early involved in anti Japanese resistance and the Civil Liberties Union. He w as arrested when the politburo Manila. The rest of the book was about his imprisonment and subsequent amnesty. He continued to speak out in public fora, attended by Luis Taruc, who publicly disagreed with him. Taruc was pardoned and appointed congressman. LAVA and POMEROY remained unrepentant. Pomeroy was allowed to leave, and his wife Celia Mariano was not allowed to join him. The three books, make me wonder, if MAO COMMUNISM would succeed in solving Philippine problems. SISON, was freed after martial law, he is now in exile in Holland, while the Philippine branch quarelled with each other. CAN PHIL COMMUNISM REVIVE?

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